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town of Cherven bryag

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Cherven bryag is a town in Central Northern Bulgaria. Administrative center of the Municipality Cherven bryag, Pleven Province. 

It is 56 km southeast of Pleven, 123 km northeast of Sofia, 71 km northwest of the town of Lovech, 147 km west of Veliko Tarnovo, 180 km southeast of Vidin.

 It is the second largest in area after Pleven and is an important industrial and transportation center.

The population numbers about 14 394 inhabitants.


Situated on the border between Pre Balkan and Danubian hilly plain, on the left bank of the Iskar River. Near the river flows and river Zlatna Panega.
The climate is temperate. The average January temperature is -3 C, the average July is 23 C. Heavy snowfall and winds blowing cause problems. Southern winds in spring cause rapid snow melt and flooding there.


Transport - Great Railway center line Sofia-Gorna Oryahovitsa-Varna (Russe). From Cherven bryag leaves narrow-gauge railway line Slatina and Oryahovo and normal railway line Lukovit - Zlatna Panega. The train station is located at the southwest end of town, near the center.
Regular bus connections with Pleven, Vratsa, Lukovit, Byala Slatina and others. As well as smaller villages.
Healthcare - primary care is carried out by health center, with 9 dispensaries for individual practice for outpatient care, while on the total territory of the municipality work 21 GPs.
Inpatient care is provided by Hospital - Cherven bryag Ltd., with 6 operating rooms for active treatment, a total of 100 hospital beds.
Education - here are 4 vocational schools: 1 secondary school, 2 elementary schools, 4 kindergartens, 1 nursery, 1 center for children.


The main production activity of enterprises located in the municipality is in the field of military industry, machinery, knitwear industry and food industry.
Natural and climatic conditions have a positive impact on the development of agriculture and forestry. Good progress has vegetables that satisfy basic personal needs of farmers. Also it is well supported and livestock (cattle, pigs, poultry).


6 km south-west is the village Reselets. About 1 km around it is a unique natural phenomenon Propadaloto. Represents an area with a length of approximately 250 meters and width of 30-40 m, which fell by about 30 meters surround all sides by cliffs and descent it becomes more romantic path between them. This is one of the few places in Bulgaria, where he meets a scorpion.

Iskar River also offers great opportunities for water tourism, fishing, beaches, diverse recreational in nature. River south of Cherven bryag still flows in the canyon, which although not as grand as the Iskar Gorge, is an attractive tourist site.

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