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Byala cherkva

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Byala cherkva /White church/ is a city in Pavlikeni Municipality, Veliko Tarnovo region.  


It is located 40 south-east of Veliko Tarnovo, 4 km south of Pavlikeni, 40 km north-east of the town of Sevlievo, 60 km east of Lovech, some 230 km south-west of Sofia


The city is located in the Danube valley, at an altitude of 104 m. The river Rositsa passes through it. 
The climate is characterized by hot summers but cold winters. 


The population is around 3300 people. 


Byala cherkva has a well developed infrastructure. It comprises with many shops, restaurants, cafes, banks, shops. 
Here operate a primary school, a kindergarten and community center "Bacho Kiro" - the first rural library in the country, founded in 1869 
Health is represented by three individual medical practices in well-equipped medical facilities and urban pharmacies. 


Tourism and landmarks: 


Byala cherkva has a rich history dating back to Thracian times. The town was crossed by the Roman road from Nicopolis ad Istrum to Melta (Lovech) and Serdica. At the time of the Revival period, the city is connected with the struggle for church independence and national liberation. Byala cherkva is the birthplace of famous Bulgarians Bacho Kiro -a teacher, scholar and revolutionary, Raycho Daskalov, Tsanko Tserkovski, the famous Bulgarian historian Prof. Alexander Burmov. 


At the city the guests have the opportunity to visit many cultural monuments and museums, some of which are: 


City Historical Museum- its exhibition reflects centuries of history. 
House-Museum Tsanko Tserkovski - home of writer store personal belongings, manuscripts and documents relating to his case. 
Museum "Raycho Daskalov" - located in the city center. Here are his photos, documents and articles. 
Natural History Museum "To Nature with Love" - it is unique in the region. 
Church St. Demetrius - built in 1866. In which are embedded columns of Nicopolis ad Istrum. 
Bell Tower - one of the first monuments in Bulgaria to celebrate the liberation, built in 1878 
In the center of town is a monument of freedom, which are inscribed the names of belocherkovtsi participating in wars. 
25 km from town is the Dryanovo Monastery of St. Archangel Michael. 




Byala cherkva has excellent connections, regular bus, 4 km from the city is the railway Pavlikeni station. 
Nearby pass two major trunk road in the country-Sofia-Veliko Tarnovo-Varna and International Corridor Sofia -Pleven-Ruse-Bucharest


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