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town of Bregovo

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Bregovo is a town located in Northwestern Bulgaria. It is the administrative center of Bregovo municipality, Vidin District.

It is in close vicinity of the border with the Republic of Serbia and lies 26 km northwest of Vidin, about 113 km from Montana and approximately 220 km from Sofia in the same direction.

The border checkpoint of Bregovo is nearby. It is the shortest road from North Bulgaria to Central Europe.

The climate of the area is characterized by cold and snowy winters and warm summers. The terrain is flat to hilly, and the average altitude reaches 52 m. Suitable climatic conditions and fertile soils favor the development of food and fodder production, viticulture, fruit, vegetables, sheep and cattle.

The population of Bregovo is around 2650 people.

The town has electricity, water supply and sewerage systems, paved streets, street lighting and mobile coverage. Regular buses connect it with the city of Vidin and the surrounding settlements.

Bregovo has a town hall, a post office, a police station, a church, a hospital, a high school, a vocational high school in agriculture, a kindergarten, a community center, a center for children, as well as shops, restaurants, banks, a stadium and a park.

Each year in May carry out a cultural festivals called Timoska Spring featuring amateur groups from all over the municipality and neighboring Serbia.

Landmarks and tourism

Nearby are: Dortikum - a Roman castle near the village of Vrav and remains of a prehistoric settlement near the village of Baley /5 km north/, which occurred about 3600 years ago and was inhabited for over four centuries. During its existence were five successively built settlements over each other.

The remains of the ancient Roman castle Dortikum are located about a kilometer west of the village Vrav /13 km northeast of Bregovo/. The archaeological site represented a small quadrangular fort /castle/ whose longer walls were along the river. The fortress was built to defend the northwestern frontier of the Roman Empire, gradually turned into local customs and trade center, and there was a village adjoining. It was repeatedly invaded and ravaged by different tribes - Dacians, Goths, Huns, Slavs and Avars, after which it was rebuilt by the Romans. The castle ceased to exist with the decline of the Western Roman Empire. In VIII - X centuries in its place arose a little Slavo-Bulgarian settlement.
Despite declared a cultural monument, the castle Dortikum remains a little. Part of it was carried away by the river Danube.


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