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town of Bozhurishte

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Bozhurishte is a town in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Sofia Region and it is administrative center of Bozhurishte Municipality.


It is 14 km northwest of the capital Sofia and on the same distance but in northeast direction from the town of Bankya, 19 km southwest from the town of Novi Iskar. The municipality consists of ten settlements - Bozhurishte, Gurmazovo, Delyan, Zlatusha, Mala Rakovitsa, Pozharevo, Prolesha, Rosoman, Herakovo and Hrabarsko.


The semi mountain relief is common to the area and it defines the climate for it characterized by mild winters and cool summers and is influenced by the proximity to Vitosha and Lyulin mountains. Bozhurishte's altitude is 573 m.

Transport and infrastructure

Bozhurishte municipality is located in proximity to Sofia on the international highway E80 Belgrad - Istanbul. The connection to the capital is easy - by bus №54, route taxis and by train.
On the territory of Bozhurishte there is small airport (it is the first in Bulgaria), but at the moment it is not working as such. In the weekends there are organized races with cars, drag racing, tuning shows, motor festivals etc.
Gas installation is constructed in 90% of the town, there also water and electricity installation and sewerage. There is phone system and internet connection. The streets are asphalted and there is lighting.

Health care

The care for the people's health is taken by the medical center and the individual GP and dentist practices. Also here are working laboratory and pharmacy.

Culture and education

The cultural life in Bozhurishte is centered around the activities of the community center "Hristo Botev". In the town there also is school of arts, choir and folklore ensemble, high school and two kindergartens.

The proximity of the municipality to the capital provides good opportunities for its economic growth and cultural development and thus makes Bozhurishte preferable place for living. Furthermore Bozhurishte municipality is declared one of the cleanest area in the country from ecological outset and suitable fur herbs collecting and eco tourism. The development of the modern Bozhurishte municipality is connected with three symbols - the horse that embodies the horse breeding and the horse racing, the airplane for it is the cradle of the Bulgarian Aviation and the peony flower that every spring decorates the outskirts of the town and from where it derives its name for in Bulgarian peony is "bozhur".

The traditions in horse breeding is kept alive till nowadays and there are racehorse pedigrees. Also are organized regional, national and international horse races.


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