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See it on the map Bulgarian properties in Sofia Region - Botevgrad

Botevgrad is town in Sofia region and it is administrative center of the Botevgrad municipality.



Botevgrad is located 62 km from the capital of Bulgaria Sofia, 11 km from the town of Pravets and 45 km from the town of Elin Pelin. Botevgrad is strategically located at a crossroad with connections with eastern and northern Bulgaria. The airport is located 50 km from the town and 30 km from the nearest train station. The territory of the municipality spans parts of the Western Stara Planina and the Northern Balkan mountain ranges.


The climate in the town is temperate.

The town has а customs office which processes all types of goods and documents. Botevgrad and its hinterland are situated in a unique and picturesque valley, located 350 m above sea level with a total area of 506.6 sq km.

The Vitinya Passage enables Northern Bulgaria's connection with Southern Bulgaria and to the capital of Bulgaria: Sofia.
Botevgrad municipality borders the following municipalities: Pravets, Etropoleh, Gorna Malina, Elin Pelin, Svogeh, Mezdra and Roman.
Botevgrad is the center and hub of the entire municipality. It is bordered by the villages: Bodjenitsa, Vrachesh, Gyrkovo, Elov Dol, Kraevo, Lipnitsa, Litakovo, Novachenie, Radotina, Rashkovo, Skravena and Trydovets.


Population of municipality of Botevgrad has 36703 inhabitants . The town of Botevgrad has 23791 inhabitants.
Botevgrad is a municipal and administrative center of the 12 villages:
Vrachesh, Troudovetz, Skravena, Litakovo, Novachene, Gourkovo, Rashkovo, Lipnisa, Radotina, Bojenica, Kraevo and Elov Dol.
The biggest commune of territory municipality is Vracesh has 3577 inhabitants.
The least village is Elov dol with population from 51 inhabitants.


Down in the valley, the land is suitable for crops growing and by choosing the right sorts of crops one can achieve high yields.

Small rivers pass through the valley and form rich arable areas with alluvial and delluvial soil, allowing vegetable growing.

The mountain climate is suitable for growing plums, morello cherries and raspberries.
The southern part of the valley can be grown is suitable for vine growing.

Some of the areas in the valley are specifically good for growing potatoes.
The region of Botevgrad is characterized with its stock-farming. There are a lot of well-qualified agrarian specialist in the municipality.


The health in the municipality is realized through 3 levels: the branch office for urgent medical help, the medical center 1-limited liability company, the dentist center 1-LLC, the medical technological laboratory 1-LLC for hospice care, and the general hospital for active medical treatment realize hospital treatment.
The general hospital utilizes 170 beds, which are dispersed in 10 hospitals wards: for the anesthesiologist, reanimation and intensive care, therapy, surgery, urology, obstetrics-gynecology, children, neurology, for the treatment of lung disorders, eyes and Ears, nose, throat.
The hospital has 5 recovery wards: ward for physical therapy and rehabilitation, functional diagnostics, X-ray ward, clinical laboratory, and a pathological laboratory.
The hospital utilizes good apparatuses and building funds, provides necessary diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.


  • Botevgrad is located 60 km from the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia
  • The airport is located 50 km from the town and 30 km from the nearest train station
  • Botevgrad is strategically located at a crossroad with connections with eastern and northern Bulgaria
  • Gas-main
  • Good infra-structure
  • Highly skilled work hand
  • Good opportunity for investment
  • Traditions in education and culture
  • Attractive places for tourism.



In proximity to the town is the first class road - high way Hemus that makes easier the connection to Sofia and the other settlements.


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