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Town of Borovo

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Borovo is a town in Northern Bulgaria. It is administrative centre of Borovo municipality, Ruse region.

There are three more villages in Bulgaria with the same name. They are in Gotse Delchev Municipality (Blagoevgrad Region), Laki Municipality (Plovdiv Region) and Stara Zagora Municipality (Stara Zagora Region).

It is located 48 km south-west from town of Ruse, 83 km west from town of Razgrad, 62 km north-east from town of Veliko Tarnovo and 56 km south-east from town of Svishtov.
Borovo was announced as a town on 5th September 1984. 
Its population is approximately 2500 people.
Borovo is set in the beginning of the north-eastern part of the Danube plain. The relief characterizes with plain-hill lands. The climate is humid continental. The winter is cold and the summer is dry and hot. Spring and autumn do not long last.


Borovo is well-developed town. It is provided with electricity, water, partial sewerage system, telephone net (including mobile operators), cable TV and Internet. The town comprises shops, a pharmacy, a post office and bank offices.
The railway line Ruse-G. Oryahovitsa-St. Zagora-Dimitrovgrad-Podkova passes through the town. The railway station is equipped with facilities for loading goods. The international road E-85 Ruse-Veliko Tarnovo-Makaza is just 5 km away.
At the moment there is one comprehensive school, one kindergarten and one community centre. The community centre is one of the leading centres in the regions. It is with modern equipment and works on different projects.
There is one doctor and two dentists. Centre for social rehabilitation and integration of handicapped people was opened in 2004. The centre offers social-consultant services, medical and social rehabilitation, etc.


Traditional industries are tailoring and agriculture (wheat, barley, corn, sun-flower). The stock-breeding is developed as well (cattle-breeding, pig-breeding and poultry-raising). There are enterprises for socks, tights and ready-made clothes.


The picturesque banks of Danube River in the village of Batin are perfect for relaxation. The place is suitable for sport fishing and surveillance of wild animals and birds.
The biggest and most significant cultural-historical inheritance in the region is the treasure of Borovo consisting of five silver-gold-plated utensils (three rhytons, a small jar and a cup).
Another important place of interest is the Thracian tomb found 15 years ago by a local aristocrat.

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