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Bolyarovo is a town in southeastern Bulgaria, the center of the municipality Bolyarovo, Yambol District. It is 55 km southeast of Yambol, 73 km south of Bourgas and Bourgas International Airport.



Bolyarovo municipality is located in the south part of Yambol district on the northern slopes of Mount Strandzha. It is on area of 667 and represents 0.06% of the territory of Bulgaria. To the south it borders with the Republic of Turkey (55 km common border), to the west - Elhovo municipality, to the north - the municipalities of Tunjdza, Yambol and Straldzha and to the east - to Bourgas district (Sredets municipality).



The relief is extremely varied. It consists of several hills and low mountains, which stretch between low and flat lowlands of river Popovska, a tributary of the river Tunja. Southern slopes of Bakadzhitsite overflow with Derventski Heights and reached an altitude of 556 m. Northeast Derventski Heights extends Strandja highest peaks 700-800 m altitude. The average altitude of the municipality is 350 m.
Climate - The municipality is in area with transitional continental climate. The average annual temperature is about 12 ° C. Spring is cool, summer - hot and dry, fall - soft and long,  winter - with a brief snow, soft snow does not stay permanently.

General Information


The municipality includes 20 settlements with 6 municipalities, 13 mayoral vicarages and Bolyarovo municipal center.
The population of the municipality is about 5030 people.
Infrastructure - road network includes a total of 176 km secondary, and third - class, fourth - class roads, including the most important - direction - Elhovo - Sredets.
In all localities of the municipality are constructed water - supply networks.
Healthcare - in the town is built Bolyarovo Emergency Medical Center.
Education - in the town Bolyarovo there is secondary school, in the village of Stefan Karadjovo a primary school, a kindergarten in the town Bolyarovo. Library is in town Bolyarovo. In the villages Stefan Karadjovo, Voden, Popovo,  Golyamo Krushevo, Mamarchevo there are community centers.



As priority sectors to develop agriculture and livestock primarily in private farms. There is packing house and agricultural cooperations.

Natural sights and monuments


The more interesting monuments of culture in the Municipality are: Ethnographic museum collection in Bolyarovo town; the Stefan Karadzha house-museum in Stefan Karadzhovo village; a commemoration sign on the place, where the home of Indzhe Voyvoda was in Popovo village. A monument to the founders of the Strandzhanska Komouna was made in Stefan Karadzhovo village. Some religious monuments are the Saint Virgin Mary's Assu church of 1763 in Stefan Karadzhovo village; the Saint George church in Voden village. There are archeological finds of 4 c. in the Monastery Complex in Voden village, a Thracian tomb in Ruzhitsa village, and early-Thracian graves in Valchi Izvor village.


On the Popovska River near Malko Sharkovo village the second largest dam lake in Bulgaria has been built, which has an earth-embankment and is of 55 million cubic meters maximum capacity. If municipal terrains for construction in the surroundings of the dam lake are provided for construction purposes, this may resolve to a large extent the problem with the insufficient recreation facilities. Mineral water springs near Stefan Karadzhovo village of debit 13 l/sec have been explored and impounded. Their water is with hydro-carbonate calcium-magnesium mineralization, with proven healing properties similar to those of the mineral water in Karlovi Vari, the Czech Republic and Kislovodsk, Russia. A modern balneology treatment center has been built and equipped, which offers 240 beds. There are karst springs near Voden village.


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