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The town of Bobov dol

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Bobov dol is a town of Western Bulgaria, part of Kyustendil Region. It is an administrative center of Bobov dol Municipality and the town is the third largest after Kyustendil and Dupnitsa.

It is situated 37 km northeastern direction from the town of Kyustendil and about 20 km northwestern direction from the town of Dupnitsa.

The population is about 6400 inhabitants.

The terrain is hilly plain with average altitude of 690 m.
The climate is temperate. Winters there are mild and have temperatures about -1ºС and the summers are dry and warm with temperatures about 24ºС.

The town has excellent infrastructure that includes electricity, water main and sewerage installation.
The street and transport infrastructure are well-developed.

In closeness is situated the road E871 and European road E79.


Public institutions

In the town there is a town-hall, recruitment office, social office, police office, fire-brigade, post office, prison, professional high school, secondary school and grammar-school, community centers, theater, museum, etc.

There is an Orthodox church, one for the Adventists and another for the Evangelicals.



The main part of the economy is taken by the underground and open pits for mining of brown coals. The largest underground mine in this region is here – Coal Mine “BOBOV DOL” PLC. Currently about 3000 people are working there and get about 1 000 000 tons annually.


Places of interest and tourism

An interesting place in the region is the church of “Sv. Nichola” he was a miracle worker, which was built in the second half of the nineteenth century. In 1976 the church was registered as a cultural monument. In 1994 the church was renovated and in 1995 the icons of the temple were restored.

The region has several dams, appropriate fishing and walks.

About 40 km southeast direction is situated the town of Sapareva banya where successfully are treated diseases of the motor roads and more. In the summer this town attracts residents and tourists. The geyser located in the city is an interesting spot and at night is illuminated in different colors.



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