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Town of Belitsa

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Belitsa is a town situated in South-western Bulgaria. It is administrative centre of Belitsa Municipality, Blageovgrad region.

It is located 178 km away from city of Sofia and 76 km away from town of Blagoevgrad. The town characterizes with Mediterranean climate which is favourable for people with pulmonary diseases. There is a school for children with such diseases.


The relief in the area is mainly mountainous and hilly. The territory occupies parts of Rila Mountain, Rhodopes Mountain and the river valley of Mesta. Parts of the eastern part of Rila Mountain spread in eastern direction from Belichka River. The wide meadows at Semkovo (about 1600 m above sea level) on the south slope of Rila Mountain make the relief more interesting at the steep slopes of the valleys of Razlog.

The climate is transitional continental with Mediterranean features. It is mountainous in the high parts of the mountains.


There are archeological findings showing life from the Neolithic, the Chalcolithic, the Classical antiquity and the Middle Ages. The means of living of the population during the Bulgarian Revival period is agriculture, stock-breeding and logging.

Symbol of Belitsa is the church built in 1835. It is one of the biggest churches in the area. In 1903 the church and the settlement were burnt down. It was renovated on a more prominent place right away from the Liberation of the country.


The local economics is mainly in small workshops in the sphere of wood-processing industry and tailoring.

The light industry is represented by several Greek tailoring workshops and several local bakeries.


There are two mineral springs in the area. The mineral spring on Zlataritsa River is with thermal, low-mineralized water, suitable for balneology. The second one in town of Belitsa is drilling water source of mineral water with low mineral content, suitable for balneology and bottling.

At the settlement of Belitsa on the territory of Natural park Rila are located four ecologically clean mountain dams - Suhoto Lake, Redzhepishki Lakes, Vapeshki Lakes and Karaalanishko Lake. All of them are tourist sites.

Just 12 km away from the town is located the first 'Park for Dancing Bears' on the Balkans and the Eastern Europe. This is the biggest attraction for the Bulgarian and the foreign tourists as well.

Only 16 km in north direction are situated the beautiful land and resort of Semkovo. The place is suitable for recreation, tourism and practicing winter sports.

The region of Belitsa features amazing nature, rich cultural-historical inheritance, well-preserved folk music and crafts (knitting, weaving, icon-painting, wood-carving), original cuisine and many comfortable and clean private houses.

Belitsa is with perfect conditions for practicing various hobbies and tourism: herb collecting, mushroom-growing, surveillance of wild animals, birds, butterflies, insects; fishing, etc.

There is a well-developed net of hotels provided with all needed amenities for the tourists. The hotels are set in the town and the mountain resort complex of Semkovo. Semkovo is a ski centre in winter time. It is the favourite place of the students.


Belitsa comprises a municipal building, a community centre, a comprehensive school, a secondary school and a kindergarten.

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