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the town of Belene

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Belene is a town in Northern Bulgaria, on the banks of the Danube river. Administrative center of Belene municipality, Pleven Province.

Is 60 km northeast of the regional center of Pleven, 223 km northeast of Sofia, 228 km northwest of Varna, 256 km north of Plovdiv.

The population is about 8 870.


Situated in Svishtov - Belene lowlands in the central part of the Danube Valley, adjacent to the Danube river.
The terrain is mostly flat. The average altitude of Svishtov-Belene lowlands is 20 m.
The climate is continental and is characterized by cold winters and hot summers.
Main water resource is the Danube river, which waters are used mainly as a source for irrigation of agricultural lands.


Transportation - In the Municipality of Belene not pass international roads and motorways and first class roads from the national road network.
The town of Belene is with built rail network that serves only freight.
The location of the town of Belene on the minor arm of the Danube and the presence of Belene Islands Complex does not allow construction of a port terminal for river traffic, close to town.
Health care - in the municipality functions Medical Center, Hospital for Active Treatment, 3 dental practices in the building of the medical center, a private dental center, GPs.
Education - in the city operate Vocational School M. S. Curie, High School Dimcho Debelyanov, school Vasil Levski, Kindergarten Dreamр Kindergarten Zname na mira, Kindergarten Bodra smiana. At 24 km distance in Svishtov is the Academy of Economics D.A.Tzenov.
Sports complex Giant is the biggest sports facility in the municipality. On it are held as the official representative of the sports teams of Belene and sporting events for schools in the town.


The structure of the economy in the municipality is determined by the branches of manufacturing, agriculture and construction. The territory of Belene are also well developed trade and services.
Under discussion is the largest industrial project in Bulgaria for the last 20 years - the building of the second nuclear power plant in Bulgaria - NPP Belene. This is one of three European projects to build new nuclear capacity - third generation with projects for new nuclear power plant in Olkiluoto (Finland) and Flamanville (France).
The implementation of the nuclear power plant would supply the national and regional electricity demand and will positively affect the country's economy through increased investment in the region and new jobs.


The main landmark of Belene municipality is a natural park Persina, one of the ten natural parks in Bulgaria, which holds the unique natural resources. In the boundaries of the municipality and the Park is included Belene Islands Complex, consisting of 19 islands. One of them is the island of Persin - the biggest Bulgarian island with a length of 15 km and a maximum width of 6 km.

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