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Town of Alfatar

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Alfatar is a town situated in North-Eastern Bulgaria. It is administrative centre of Alfatar Municipality, Silistra region.

It is located 21 km south from town of Silistra, 24 km south-west from village of Kaynardzha, 72 km north-west from town of Dobrich, 120 km in the same direction from town of Varna, 92 km north from town of Shumen and 138 km east from town of Ruse.

Its population is approximately 1900 people.

The town is located in the eastern part of the Danube plain, at 188 m above sea level. It characterizes with plain and hilly relief. The climate is humid continental - cold winter and hot, dry summer. The coldest month is January - the average minimum temperature is -13 C and the average maximum temperature is 11 C. The average summer temperature is about 25 C.


Alfatar is well-developed town with electricity, water, sewerage system and telephone net provided. Purification station is in process of construction. There is a kindergarten, a comprehensive school, a community centre, health services, a church, a house for old people and a house-museum.

The main road Silistra-Shumen with diversion for the towns of Dobrich and Varna passes near Alfatar.


The companies in the town work in the spheres of agriculture (grain production and stock-breeding - chicken, pigs), dairy production, furniture, fire-extinguishers, wooden packing, etc.


St Trinity Orthodox Church was built in 1846. The first monastery school was created here. The church keeps original icons of the masters Dosyo Kosev and Angel Dosyov. The church was announced monument of culture in 1930.

Another tourist attraction to visit is the House of Dobrudzha. This is a well-arranged residence representing the Dobrudzha style in the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century. There is an exposition of authentic textiles, furniture, costumes, objects and vine-wine instruments.

Near the town spreads out 'Karakuz' - forest reserve. There is a state game breeding station. The hunting area is 19 388 hectares and occupies low-hilly land with slight northern slope. The forests shape separate complexes and massifs divided by agricultural lands. The most significant representatives of the hunting fauna are: red deer, doe, wild-boar, rabbit, jackal, fox, wild cat, goose, duck, pheasant, pigeon and quail.

Protected wood species are the century-old oaks in 'Suhata cheshma' (The dry fountain) land.

Another interesting natural site is 'Badzhaliyata' land. It is a Thracian rock sanctuary near village of Strelkovo.

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