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the town of Momin Prohod

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Momin Prohod is a town in western Bulgaria. It is located in the municipality Kostenets, Sofia Region. 

It is 73 km west of Sofia, 4 km north of Kostenets, 83 km east of Plovdiv

Until recently the city has entered the territory of Kostenets. It was declared a city on September 21, 2006. 

The population is about 1700 people. 

Situated 530 m above sea level, at the narrow gorge of the Bashnitsa river, in a picturesque area in the southwestern spurs of the mountain among forest. 

The climate is temperate continental. Summers are relatively hot and winters not too cold. Spring comes to mid-March, a warm and sunny autumn to mid-November. 
The territory of the settlement proceeds incubating River Pool, a tributary of Maritsa. 

Momin Prohod is famous for its nine mineral springs with water temperature 56 ° C. 
The city has good infrastructure. There is coverage of all mobile operators, automatic telephone exchange, cable TV and Internet. 
There are two schools - Primary School Hospital Dr. Peter Beron, Primary school Hristo Smirnenski, sanatorium, GP, shops. 

There is convenient transport links with the settlements in the municipality, and from there to the whole country. Located on the railway line and road highway between Sofia and Plovdiv. Passenger trains serve the destination. Buses from town to town Kostenets Momin Pass run every half hour. 


In Momin Prohod there are nine mineral springs with radioactivity, the second in Bulgaria after Narechenski bathrooms, third in Europe and 25th in the world. But two balneotherapy sanatoriums, inhalatorium, drinking hydrothermal springs, sport and prophylactic land, the resort operated resort polyclinic specialist doctors and other medical offices and diagnostic sectors, there are boarding, and well-regulated private rooms. This treat many diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, nervous system. 

In its vicinity there are opportunities not only for the spa, but for ecotourism. Nearby is a nature reserve Ibar, which can be seen in rare plant species - Rila cowslip, Transylvanian bell. Over 50 species of birds, some of which are recorded in the Red Book - Big Rock Eagle and hawk, inhabit the reserve. 

Nearby resort Vili Kostenets is a starting point for tourist routes to the huts Gurgulitsa and Belmeken to peak Musala Malyovitsa, Zavrachitsa to Marichini lakes. 

Interest to tourists is the lake of Vliy Kostenets, which together with additional built pools provide an opportunity for fishing and recreation. The lake functioning restaurant. 
In the center of the resort is Kostenski waterfall drops of water about 10 m 


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