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Starozagorski bani SPA resort

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Starozagorski bani is national Spa resort located in Stara Zagora Municipality, Stara Zagora region.

Starozagorski bani is situated in Sarnena Average Forest mountain, 15 km northwest from the city of Stara Zagora, 231 km southeast from the capital city of Sofia.

The average altitude of the valley in which it is located is 360 meters and the surrounding hills are with a height of 500 to 700 m.
The climate is continental with a touch of mountain influence. Winter is mild with an average January temperature about 1 ° C. Summer days are sunny and hot and the nights cool.
In 1967 Starozagorski bani have been declared national Spa resort.

Permanent population is around 450 people. The resort has kindergarten, town hall and the nearest school and hospital are in the district city.

Mineral water

Mineral sources springs out to the surface with temperature of about 40 ° C and flow 12 l / sec. from 1600 m depth. It has healing properties in diseases of the musculature system, peripheral nervous system, gynecological, renal, urological, gastrointestinal and liver and biliary diseases.
The water is slightly mineralized, hyper thermal with neutral reaction. Contains hydrocarbons, sulfates, calcium, magnesium, silicon, fluorine and other trace elements.

In the territory of the resort an outdoor swimming beach with three pools, and bath with mineral water are built.
Accommodation facilities include holiday homes, hotels and spa hotel with the possibility of prevention and recreating activities. All of them are located in a park. Some hotels have swimming pools with mineral water.


The favorable climate and hot springs have been attracting people since ancient times.
In the center of today's resort, close to mineral spring was discovered prehistoric mound dating to the VI - IV millennium BC, and 6 km southeast thereof, in the area "Mechi kladenets" are the oldest copper mines found so far in Europe / the end of V BC/.

In the vicinity of Starozagorski bani is the area "Bogorodichna stapka", so named because of the odd entity in the rock shaped like a human step. Water in it never drys. The place is considered sacred and curative. There is a small chapel called "Rozhdestvo Bogorodichno".

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