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See it on the map Bulgarian properties in city of Sofia - Airport

The area around the Airport is one of the fast developing regions for office areas, warehouses, factories, halls, etc. Near by you can find newly built business buildings, representations of worldwide known companies and logistic centers. There is quick access to Tsarigradsko shouse Blvd. along Brussels Blvd. and Christopher Columbus Blvd.

Sofia Airport

Sofia Airport is also known as Vrazhdebna Airport and it is the biggest airport in Bulgaria located on 10 kilometers eastern from the center of Sofia direction Trakia highway and the exit of the capital. The airport is an air shed for the Bulgarian companies “Bulgarian air” and “Hemus Air”. The company that manages it is “Airport Sofia” LTD.

It is built in 1930 in Vrazhdebna quarter, then the suburbs of Sofia. By the end of the 20th century the airport can not perform its normal functions because of the increased traffic and the limited capacity of the terminals. In the beginning of 1990 a decision has been taken for its modernization. The version of building a new landing strip and terminal for arrival and departure next to the existing one is accepted.

After numerous extensions of the target date of the new terminal on the 28th of December 2006 year the Second Terminal of Sofia airport opens doors for passengers. Builder of the terminal is the Austrian company Strabag. The capacity of the facility is 2.6 millions passengers per year. In the 50000 sq.m building there are situated the main areas for the processing of passengers and their luggage as well as the necessary technical and administrative premises. The project is realized thanks to the financial help of the ISPA program and it costs 110 millions euro. An internal part of the large-scale facility is its information and communicative infrastructure.

According to the information in the internet site of Sofia Airport 3,230,696 people were served in 2008 year which is an increase of 17.6% to 2007 year. Twenty five companies with regular lines are being served and around 15 airlines with seasonal / charter services.

The region

The data from the market show that the region around the Sofia airport gradually is turning into one of the logistics centers of the capital. About 45% of the modern industrial parts of Sofia are situated in a radius of 6.5 kilometers from the airport. The search for modern industrial areas remains high and continues to exceed the available ones. The region of the Sofia airport is the most attractive location for building warehouses and the concentration of new plots there is the biggest. A great number of large and small investors buy plots in the region taking into account the role of the airport as one of the main entrances from Bulgaria to the world. The process of development of the area around the airport is growing fast thanks to the availability for projects like DSP /detailed structural plan/ as well as from the good transport accessibility of the place. According to architect Ivan Parvanov who’s the leader for the development of a project with such a structural plan the inside part of the zone is for building logistic and warehouse plots. And the region around Brussels Blvd. is for offices and hotels. The companies that invest there think the same way.

Logistic centers

In the area around the airport there or are on a different building stage logistic centers and shipping projects of DHL, EUROSPED, UPS – Bulgaria, TNT – Bulgaria. Currently around Sofia airport five major projects are under construction – World Office Center of “Koen Group”, Mega Park and Cargo Center of “Soravia” company, “Ubikalia” – logistic center of the company “Ubbicalia” and Sofia Airport Center of Tishma.

In 2007 year the building of Porsche Center was opened. Against it there is the Business Park of Tishman, the new project of Equest adjoins the building. Especially for the needs of the center a new bus stop from the public transport was built. Besides the building of Porsche for Bulgaria (Orchid Sports Cars) there are also the buildings of Nova Television, IBM Bulgaria, Immo Industry, Landmark, Bene, Property Invest and Novea.

The access to the area around Sofia Airport is done trough the main road which joins the new terminal with Tsarigradsko shouse Blvd. through Brussels Blvd. Using Tsarigradsko shouse Blvd. you have an easy access to the center of the city. Almost all the buildings around the airport are with good view from the road for the airport.

The region is yet to be developed as a business area and will probably be similar to the business Park Sofia in Mladost 4 and the area along the ring road. Among the advantages are the fast access to the center of the city and the availability of the public transport. With the construction of the free land the area will revive and probably will become more attractive for the employees of the companies that insist on having their offices around the airport.

Infrastructure and Transport

The transport infrastructure is comparatively good. The plan defines the street regulations and the rules for construction of the area. New about the transport-communication is the foreseen moving to the north towards Brussels Blvd. and Christopher Columbus Blvd.

There is a link to the airport that is with a status of a primary street network – Nedelcho Beronchev Str., Tovarna tangenta /Freight tangenta/, Rilska obitel Str., Kraicheren Boulevard, Brussels Blvd, Jordan Todorov Str. and Iskarsko shouse. The structure plan will provide improvements of the cross-sections of the street network.

The decision for two circular junctions is new. A road junction is going to be on two levels with ring crossing are going to be between Brussels Blvd. on the top and Christopher Columbus Blvd. and the Tovarna tangenta /freight tangenta/. It is suggested to have a ring junction in front of the continuation of Brussels Blvd. and Mimi Balkanska Str. towards the new terminal. The aim is to have less movement to and for the airport and the access to the facilities in the area.

From Sofia Airport to the center of Sofia and the Central Station you can move with the public transport or to use route charges. You can use also taxis as well as airport transfer provided by the larger hotels in the city.

  • Bus 84 goes from Sofia Airport to the Sofia University. There are bus stops close to the first and second terminals.
  • Route taxi 30 goes from the Airport to Filipovtsi quarter, at intervals of 12 minutes.

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