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Poduyane quarter

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Poduyane or Poduene quarter is one of the first established in the capital Sofia. It is set west from Reduta quarter, south from Suhata reka quarter, north - east from Hristo Botev and west from Vasil Levski quarter. Near are Oborishte park and the boulevards Botevgradsko shose and Sitnyakovo. The group Poduene Blus Bend is created in Podyane quarter.


Podyane is surrounded in all directions with railway lines. The international railway line which divides the region from Sofia downtown has a major importance. The rivers Perlovska and Slatinska go through the quarter, and Vladayska river is the border with Serdika region. Vladimir Vazov boulevard goes along Perlovska river and divides the region in two parts.
Hypermarkets Billa, Evropa, two supermarkets Fantastiko, Domko, Praktis, T - Market, two bazaars - Gerena and Poli, two markets for fruits and vegetables - Gerena and Hadzhi Dimitar are located in the quarter. The shops Tehnomarket and Metro 3 are set on the border with Kremikovtsi quarter.
The region comprises with two medical centres.



With the urban sprawl of Sofia, Podyane quarter becomes a preffered area for investments in the residential construction because of its proximity to Sofia downtown and convenient transport links ensured by the boulevards Vladimir Vazov and Botevgradsko shose. The new construction is concentrated on the main boulevards and the crossing of  Pirdop square. The block of flats from six to eight floors with commercial area are mostly being built. They are in harmony with the  surrounding construction and set up small quarters between the panel - built blocks.
The region is suitable for construction of administrative - trade buildings, storage houses and logistic centres.


The name of the quarter comes from the Slavic work "pod" which means cattle - shed. The village was called Podyi / which means the castle - sheds / and its inhabitants - poduyantsi until the XV century.
Poduyane is the first village joined as a quarter to the capital in 1895. During the 20's of XIX century Hadzhi Dimitar and Suhata reka quarters were established and were quickly built with houses by settlers coming from northwestern Bulgarian. This period left its mark on the streets in the region - Todorini kukli / Todor's dolls/, Petrohan, etc.
During the socialism in Bulgaria / 1944 - 1989 / Poduyane as well as Oborishte and Slatina quarters formed fifth region Vasil Levski. In the 60's and 70's and mainly in the 80's the quarters Hadzhi Dimitar, Stefan Karadzha, Poduyne and Suhata reka were overbuilt with block of flats. The new residential complex Metalurg / wchich was renamed to Levski V and G in 1999 / was built.



There are an artcollege and  eleven schools in the region : four high schools and seven elementary ones. The biggest library Vasil Levski was opened because of the large number of young families with children in the quarter. The children  V are occupied with foreign languages, drawing courses, mathematics, bulgarian, music and others activities.



The following transport links go through the quarter:

  • Trolley bus № 1
  • Buses № 85, 120
  • Tram № 22

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