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See it on the map Bulgarian properties in city of Sofia - Lyulin 2

"Lylin-2" is a microregion in the biggest quarter in Sofia.



Lyulin-2 is situated in the western part of Sofia. It's near the boulevards Pancho Vladigerov, Dobrinova skala, Tsaritsa Ioana and Alexander Stanishev Str., Obelsko shose Str., Georgi Ikonomov Str., Todor Nikolov Str., Gen. Mihail Savov and stc. Pancho Vladigerov Blvd. searates Lyulin-2 from Lyulin-8.



There are mainly panel and EPK blocks ("large shuttering panel" type high-rise buildings), built during the 70-s and 90-s of 20th c.

education, culture, health care and administration


There is 90th High School, 22nd, 31st and 35th kindergarten and private kindergarten "Fairy house".

The post office is in block No. 212 and the police department in block No. 237.

The polyclinic is on Prof. Alexander Stanishev Str..

Building market "VILLAZ" is on Tsaritsa Ioana Str. and "BULGARGAZ" on Pancho Vladigerov Blvd.
There's furnishings shop "MOBEXPERT" in the Lyulin-2 and supermarket "T-market".



Residents of the quarter can use the following transport lines:

  • Bus No. 111 and 309;
  • Trolleybus No. 6;


general information about lyulin quarter

Lyulin is the largest residential district in Sofia with about 100 000 residents. It is located in the western part of the capital and is divided into 10 quarters. The construction of the district began in 1971. Its clearly differentiated centre gives it the look of an independent town.

The buildings in Lyulin are mainly of the panel construction type. The panel apartment buildings are mostly built in the beginning of the 70s until the 90s of the XX century. The oldest apartment blocks are in the 1st quarter of Lyulin. EPK apartment blocks ("large shuttering panel" type high-rise buildings) located on the western side of Dobrinova skala Blvd. are new but they have no central heating. New developments are concentrated in the areas where there are subway stations and in the centre of the complex. Old brick buildings, built before 1990 are simply missing. In the northeastern parts of Lyulin 9 and Lyulin 10 at the border with Slivnitsa Blvd. there are single-family houses with yards and some new development apartment blocks. In Lyulin 3, Lyulin 6 and Luilin 7 a lot of office and residential developments have appeared in the recent years. In the other quarters of Lyulin District individual commercial developments are under construction for some years now. The tendency is to build the district up with new quality residential buildings, trading estates and sports and recreation facilities. 

The educational facilities distributed in a territorial principle by district sections comprise 11 child care establishments and 4 day care centres and food establishments for children.

There is a newly-built church St. Kliment Ohridski located at the crossroads between Pancho Vladigerov Blvd. and Dzhavraharlal Neru, Lyulin Cultural Centre and 4 community centres (culture clubs).

Lyulin has over 22 000 children under 18 years of age, which makes it the district with the youngest population in the capital.

Lyulin's residents can use the healthcare services of 12th Diagnostics and Consultancy Centre located in the buildings of the ex-polyclinics No. 26 /in the 2nd quarter/ and No. 12 /in the 9th quarter/, two dental care centres and one private clinic called Mediva.

The building of the municipality of Lyulin is located in the 3rd quarter on Zahari Stoyanov Blvd.

On the territory of Lyulin Centre there is a new sports complex of Levski-Sikonko and the large open swimming pool Lyulin Beach, the trade centre Silver Centre. In Lyulin Centre are also the BILLA and FANTASTIKO chain hyper-markets. In Lyulin 3 is one of the largest open air marketplaces in Sofia and a grocery chain-store EVROPA. Lyulin District benefits from the local chain stores for household electrical devices Technomarket Evropa, Technopolis, Technolux, Mr. Bricolage, METRO 2. Part of Lyulin is an industrial area.

There's on of the biggest cooperative markets in the capital city.

In 1998 Lyulin saw the opening of the newest transport means - the Sofia subway, taking the residents of the district to the centre of the capital in 20 minutes. In September 2009 is completed the new route to Mladost quarter.

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