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Chalkidiki region is located in Northern Greece, southeast of Thessaloniki. Chalkidiki represents magical place which welcomes thousands of visitors each year. This is the place where the mountains meet the sea . The area  is world-known  with it's exceptional beauty, traditional architecture and hospitality.
The capital of Halkidiki Poligiros -  is located at the bottom of the mountain "Profitis Ilias" where beautiful breathtaking view of the sea. The main peninsula of Chalkidiki  enters like a fork in the sea,  is divided into three small peninsula: Cassandra, Sitoniya and Athos / Aton/. Cassandra is a cosmopolitan place, full of life and picturesque beaches. Sitoniya place is known by its unique natural beauty. It offers opportunities for relaxing vacation near the sea. Finally Athos, which is known to be one of the most important centers of the Orthodox faith. On Athons is not allowed access to women because it is at variance with the canons and rules of monks community. The last woman, steps in this place is the Virgin Mary. Other outstanding features of this holy place is unusual life, the architecture of the monasteries and wildlife, among which pilgrims can find peace and harmony.

The next thing the visitor will find are archaeological sites in Chalkidiki - settlements with a long and interesting history, among which is the most important - Petralova cave. One can not leave Chalkidiki without experience traditional cuisine - olive oil, olives, Ouzo, copper and others. Furthermore, the Prefecture has an excellent reputation on the accommodation of its guests and the wonderful conditions for their stay - whether in luxury hotels or traditional houses. Chalkidiki  offers all types of facilities for winter and summer tourism - 50 000 beds in 500 hotels that suit all tastes and claims. Even the most pretentious traveler will assess the culture and quality of services offered by local residents who have contributed significantly to the development and ongoing development of Chalkidiki.

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