Thassos Island

Bulgarian properties in Island Thassos


Thassos is a Greek island in the northern part of the Aegean sea, about 10 km away of the mainland.

Its area is 384,92 sq km  and the population is about 16 000 people.

The island's capital is the town of Limenas also known as Thassos with population of about 2000 people. The second largest town on the island is Limenaria. 

The relief is mountainous, overgrown with Mediterranean pines and bears the nickname "The Evergreen".

The highest peak is Ipsario /1203 m/.

The climate is typically Mediterranean, with mild and rainy winters and dry and warm summers.

The sea temperature during the summer reaches 25 º C.


The island of Thassos can only be reached by ferries arriving at the seaports in the towns of Prinos and Limenas. The closest airport and bus station in the town of Kavala.


The population is manly occupied with tourism. Well developed are such industries as: harvesting, marble tilth, olive oil, wine and honey production.

Sheep and goats are also bred here. Fishing is one of the occupations.

Banks operate from monday till friday. They can be found in the town of Limenas and in the main tourist complexes.

In the post offices you can use phone, to post a letter or change currency.

health care

There is a health center with modern equippment in the town of Prinos. There are also GPs in the other towns. Most of the settlements also have pharmacies.


On the island of Thassos you will find a police department close to every larger settlement. There is also a tourist police department in the town of Limenas which is created in order to help visitors. The tourist police department will cooperate even if you have troubles finding accomodation. Both police departments are located in the same building.

real estate market and construction

The area is built-up manly with one-family houses whose architecture features spacious terraces with panoramic views.

Most of the buildings are low-storey.

Every European citizen can byu a property in Greece by addressing a real estate agent or an attorney for their convenience.

There are newly-built complexes with one-family houses on Thassos which are suitable for tourists who would like to byu a property for recreation.

There are two-storey houses with private entrance for each floor and thus separated into two self-contained apartments.

Offer prices for the region range from 800 €/sq.m to 2000 €/sq.m depending on the property, its condition and location.


Due to the island's natural beauty, its rich history, traditional architecture and the hospitality of local people Thassos is a favourite destination bor to foreign tourists and local people. The splendour of alternating cliffs and coves, sandy beaches and pine forests, the warm sand, the transparent and clear sea water attract tourists and people who chose to live there.

Close to the old seaport, in front of the Archaeological museum in the town of Thassos is located the ancient agora with lots of monuments found durimg excavations. The most significant of them are Hallway of the Gods built in 470 BC, representing a large complex of buildings. Another important monument of VII century is the Grave of Glafkos.

One of the most beautiful areas in Thassos is Aliki - an important archaeological site where visitors can marvel lotsof ancient and medieval monuments.

In most of the settlements you will find diverse taverns, restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs.

Waves along the Paradisos offer the unique opportunity for wind surfing and sea parachute skiing. The island allows studying the seabed with wonderful views and numerous fish. There are appropriate places for fishing.

In the hotel complexes and camping sites visitors will find tennis courts.

Thassos also offers eco paths, tourist can climb the Ipsario mount via beautiful eco paths.

The presence of seaports where you can hire a boat or a small yacht, is another alternative for tourists and locals to spend their leisure time enjoyably.

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