The island of Skiathos

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Skiathos is a small island in the northern Sprodi in Greece located in the eastern part of the Aegean sea. It is close to the town of Volos.

Its area is 48, the longest part is 12 km and the widest - 6 km.

The population is about 6000 people.

The island's capital is the town of Skiathos.

The relief is mountainous in the northern part of the island and hilly in the southern. It is covered by pines, olive trees and palms.

The climate is typically Mediterranean with mild and rainy winter and dry and hot summer.

The sea temperature during the summer reaches 25ºС.


There is an airport on the island - National Airport of Skiathos island located close to the town of Skiathos with regular flights from and to Athens /lasting about 35 minutes/.

There are also regular ferris from the town of Volos lasting about an hour and a half. A ferri from Thessaloniki travels several times a week.

There are regular bus lines to most ot the settlements on the island. The island comprises lots of offices for cars, motorcycles and buggies for rent. Most ot the towns have taxies.


The main livelihood of the population are agriculture and tourism. Olives, fruits, nuts, grapes and honey are also grown here.

useful information

Banks operate from monday till friday, there are also ATMs.

In the post offices you can use phone, post a letter and change currency. In the internet cafes you can check your e-mail and connect relatives.

There is a health center with surgical, dentist, orthopedics, cardio and other cabinets.

In Skiathos there is a police department, tourist police department and a fire station.

real estate market and construction

The area is built-up mainly with low-storey buildings and one-family houses. The houses' architecture features spacious terraces with panoramic vies to the sea.

Rent of holiday apartments and one-family houses is very common, prices range from 300 €/month to 1500 €/month.

Offer sale prices for the area range from 900 €/sq.m to 2000 €/sq.m depending on the property, its condition and location.


The Kastro fort is a landmark one should not skip. It is located on the rocks in the island's northern part. It was built by local people during the Ottoman rule of the island in order to become their asylom.

The "Evangelistra" monastery is situated 30 minutes by car from the town of Skithos. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery and is open to visitors. There is a small museum with preserved historical objects there. It also comprises a shop where you can buy icons, crosses, t-shirts and wine. A small bus visits the monastery several times a day.

Beaches are lots and diverse. On the north side of the island they are tucked in bays surrounded by cliffs. If you want to spend hours in quiet solitude, Ksanemos beach is perfect. It is located out of the town and is chosen by few. Another famous beach is Lalariya. The rocks form an arch in the sea making it a unique place. Lalariya is inaccesible by land.

The northern beaches' beauty is harsh and the contact with sea is a collision of breaking waves and foam, southern beaches have different, tropical twist. The most prominent of them is Kukunarias. People say this is the most beautiful beach in Greece. It is longer than the typical for the island small beaches. Dense forest separates it from the outside world. The sea is smooth and azure.

Water skiing, scuba diving, horseback riding, wind surfing, tennis jet walks are developed as attractions.

The presence of a seaport is also an alternative for tourists and locals to spend their leisure time enjoyable.


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