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Bulgarian properties in Island Samos


Samos is among the largest island in Greece located in the eastern part of the Aegean sea. It is close to Turkey's seacoast and is part of the Southern Sporades archipelago. It is situated south of Chios Island, north of Patmos and the Dodecanese.

The island's area is 500 sq km and its population - about 35 000 people.

The capital of Samos is the town of Vati, also known as Samos.

The relief is mountainous, overgrown with thick Mediterranean vegetation and bears the nickname "The Evergreen".

The climate is typically Mediterranean, with mild and rainy winters and dry and warm summers.

The sea temperature during the summer reaches 25 º C.


There is an airport - "Aristarhos", on the island, located 4 km west of the village of Pythagorio and about 15 km of the town of Samos where you will find regular flights from and to Athens /lasting about 45 minutes/, Thessaloniki, Mykonos Island and Santorini Island. International flights include destinations such as England, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, etc. There are also regular ferris and visit liners with tourists.

Most of the settlements comprise taxies.


Agriculture and tourism provide the livelihood of the population. The island is mainly occupied by vineyards that produce wine. The most common kind is Muscat. Olives, citrus, figs, almonds, flowers, honey and more are grown here.

Banks operate from monday till friday from 8:30 till 14:30. You can find them in the capital as well as in the main tourist complexes.


The island comprises a wide range of state and privated schools, kindergartens as well as a university in the town of Karlovasi which is the second largest twon on the island and is located 35 km away of the capital.


A tree-day rock fest is hel every year on the island. It attracts lots of rock fans.

During the carnival in Karlovasi, people from all the island's settlements gather and enjoy the cheerful costumes.

helath care

There are two hospitals: one is in the capital and the second is in the town of Karlovasi. Visitors should have in mind that  there are pharmacies but they open around 13 o'clock and work till the next morning.

real estate market and construction

The area is builtup manly by one-family houses whose architecture features spacious terraces with panoramic views.

Most of the buildings are low-storey. Large buildings can reraley be seen even in big towns.

Offer prices for the area range from 500 €/sq.m to 2000 €/sq.m depending on the property, its condition and location.


Due to the island's natural beauty, its rich history, traditional architecture and the hospitality of local people Samos is a favourite destination both to foreign tourists and local people. The splendour of alternating cliffs and coves, sandy beaches and pine forests, the warm sand, the transparent and clear sea water attract tourists and people who chose to live there.

Water skiing, wind surfing, tennis as well as jet driving are popular attractions.

The presence of a racecourse and a seaport are another alternative for tourists and locals to spend their leisure time enjoyably.

Two of the sites located on the island are part of UNESCO's list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage - the remains of the ancient fort of Pythagoreion port and the ruins of the goddes Hera's ancient temple - Heraion.

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