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Central railway station

See it on the map Bulgarian properties in city of Sofia - Central railway station

Central Railway Station Sofia, known as  Central Station is the basic railway station in Sofia and the largest in Bulgaria.


It's 1 km north of "Lavov most" Bridge on Maria Luisa Blvd. and immediately after the Central Bus Station.

The first building is designed by the architects Antonin Kolar, Bogdan Procek and T. Markov, is opened on 1 August 1888. The old building is completely demolished in 15 April 1974 and the new one is opened on 6 September 1974.

About 10 910 people use 166 trains (84 arrivals and 82 departures) every day. Travellers  are serviced by 30 ticket-offices. In order to ensure high-qialitative service to the clients of BDZ EAD there's Information office, as well as 5 information boards, which show the trains schedule. 2 of the boards are stationary and the other 2 show the temporary changes in the train schedule. There's also train radio.

BDZ EAD gives opportunities for travelling of disabled people. There's a control office, equipped with telecommunications for servicing disabled people. There's a controller from the National Centre for Social Rehabilitation. A waiting-room, eqipped with special lavatory for disabled persons. BDZ EAD has a mobile-lift for transporting disabled people to their autonomous wagons.

There's also partnership with the Transport Police, for ensuring safety in the trains. Together with National company "Railway Infrastructure" are schemes for preventing actions and evacuation in case of emergency.

In Central Railway Station are given 14 % from the total number of train season tickets in the whole railway net. For the period of January - July 2004 their total number has been 28 227. For the same period the given season tickets in Central Railway Station is  996, which amounts to 10 % of the total number in the whole railway net.

The package service is also wel-developed. It has 4 offices for taxing parcels nd 2 for accepting and packaging the parcels (1 for express and 1 for standard), 3 for receiving the parcel, as wel as left-luggage office for the hand luggage.

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