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Uzana Ski Resort

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The ski resort Uzana is a real discovery and challenge for the skiers in Balkan Mountains. Nestling among venerable oak forests, the ski town is located only 22 km far from the town of Gabrovo and it’s considered the geographic centre of Bulgaria. This splendid enchanting place is a huge touristic attraction, mainly because of the road marking in the region.

Ski Resort Uzana is situated on 1300-1400 m altitude in one of the most beautiful parts of the Balkan Mountains range. The area offers excellent conditions for practicing any kind of winter sport and it’s undoubtedly suitable for mountain and eco tourism. In the proximity is the hut Uzana, which is a part of the international route, which leads to the Black Sea. Uzana offers perfect conditions for rest and tourism all the year round. Winter time it is very suitable for ski events and snowboard and in the summer for mountain passage, mountain biking and horse riding. Uzana is very attractive for the tourists and the resort becomes more popular for Bulgarian and foreign tourists, too. The ski resort starts at the beginning of September and ends in the middle of May. The whole length of the ski tracks in the resort is 3 kilometers.

Uzana offers a professional ski track 1300 m long, equipped with Pomagalski ski-lift. This is in fact, the longest ski track in the resort. There are 7 smaller ski tracks for skiing beginners. Many foreign tourists visit the Uzana resort, attracted by the typical Balkan folklore and the preserved traditions in the region. The local tourist representatives in the area offer many special programs, through which every tourist can learn thoroughly about Bulgarian culture and national customs.

Uzana is located in the heart of Natural Park “Bulgarka”, which is famous with its oak-tree forests and diverse animal world. The ski resort resembles a huge Alpine pasture and reveals marvelous and spellbinding sights to the Balkan Mountains. In winter tourists can rent sledge-cars, walk in the snow and enjoy the whole area.

The ski resort is a real heaven for the nature lovers. There is a future plan in the resort to be built new ski track that will run through the Natural Park “Bulgarka”. Apart from this, the land around the resort offers good conditions for speleology and mountain climbing. There are available opportunities for development of cultural tourism. In the proximity is The Architectural-Ethnographic complex “The Etar” and only few kilometers far is the Sokolovski monastery. Very near are the architectural complexes Bojentsi and Tryavna, which keep the spirit of Bulgarian Enlightenment in the old houses that date from 150 years. The ski resort is a place, where very rare vegetation species, included in the Red List of Bulgaria grow. It’s also a starting point for many mountain routes, as for example, those to The Shipka Memorial and the historical peak Buzludzha.
As whole, the region is extremely attractive and tempts tourists with its crystal clear mountain air, quietness and beautiful nature.

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