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village of Voden

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Voden is a village in Southeastern Bulgaria. It is part of Bolyarovo municipality, Yambol region.

It is located 10 km southeast of Bolyarovo, 29 km east of Topolovgrad, 29 km southeast of Elhovo and 55 km southeast of Yambol.

The village is located on the northwest slopes of Derventski vazvishenia, close to the border with Turkey. Sharkovo dam is located 5 km away.

The altitude ranges between 200 and 299 m.

The area is chracterized with relatively mild winter, average temperatures in January are above 0, and hot summers.

The population is about 340 people.

The village has electricity and water. All mobile operators have network coverage. Regular bus transport connects Voden with other settlements in the region. In the village there is a community center.

The closest school, kindergarten and medical center are in town of Bolyarovo. Local residents have formed a group for authentic folk customs and folklore.

Tourist and cultural sightseeings

Situated on the southern slopes of Strandja Mountain, one of the most environmentally clean regions of the country, village of Voden offers excellent opportunities for hunting, fishing, rural and ecotourism.

The region has a long tradition in winemaking. Well known is Algerian wine. It is characterized with an exclusive aroma and taste of berries.

About 6 km from the village is "Malko Sharkovo" dam. Suitable for leisure and tourism, as well as for sport fishing, in which traditionally participate annually fans from all over the country. 

There are karst springs in the village of Voden, part of which waters (about 80 liters per second) is used to supply some area in Elhovo and Bolyarovo municipalities. 

Attractions in the area of the village are the remains of ancient structures. Visible are the traces of an old road to Constantinople, which the local Bulgarians call "Druma". Parorian monastery is an interesting object, in "Razkopkite" area.


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