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village of Oryahovo

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Oryahovo is a village in South Bulgaria, part of Lyubimec municipality, Haskovo region.

The village is located 13 km northeast of Lyubimec, 35 km east of Harmanli, 35 km northwest of Svilengrad and about 250 km southeast of Sofia city. The Turkish checkpoint frontier is 40 km away and the Greek frontier is 30 km away.

Oryahovo has huddled in the south slopes of Sakar mountain and from there a beautiful view to the valley of Maritsa river and The eastern Rhodopes mountain is revealed. The climate is hot and dry. The altitude is between 200-299 m.

Population is about 280 people.

The village is electrified and water supplied. It is surrounded by fifteen reservoirs, created in the past for irrigation. Today they are used for fishing and recreation. An interesting feature is that the village has a second sewerage network through which every house is supplied with irrigation water.

The main means of livelihood is farming and planting. There are large vineyards and apple orchards, and here are grown some of the most delicious melons. There is a tradition in vegetable production, as well as peaches, apricots, pears, apples. Well developed are beekeeping and livestock.

On the territory of the village there is a community center "Prosveta-1949". Primary and secondary schools, as well as kindergarten can be found in the nearby town of Lyubimets. Only dentist is available in Oryahovo, the closest medical center is again in Lyubimets and for specialized medical help you must visit the hospital in town of Harmanli.


In Oryahovo you can see the church of "St. Petka", more than a hundred years old, built by Rhodopean craftsmen. 

The ethnographic museum is showing the life and the lifestyle of the local villagers in the XIX and early XX century.

In the land of the village is the natural phenomenon "Gospodeva stupka" /God's Step/, which a touristic trail next to it.

Not far away is the early-Byzantine fortress "Castra Rubra", which is defined as a tourist site and where currently archeological excavations are carried out.

Completed The construction of the roads to the most significant Thracian necropolis /"the dolmens"/ is completed and now they are already prepared for the visitors.

The fresh air, the presence of micro-dams rich of fish, and the good game country, allows the development of different types of tourism - hunting, fishing, historical, etc.



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