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village of Medkovets

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Medkovets is a village in Northwestern Bulgaria. It is the administrative center of the Medkovets municipality in Montana District.

It is located about 35 km north of Montana, 73 km northwest of Vratsa, 27 km south of Lom and 145 km north of Sofia.

The village is located 182 meters above sea level. The population is around 1920 people. The climate is temperate continental with cold winters and hot summers.

Medkovets is a big and well developed village with a town hall, a railway station, a post office, a church, two kindergartens, a secondary school, a library, a few grocery stores and a park. Electricity and water are available along with a sewerage system and mobile coverage.
Transport links are excellent - bus lines connect Medkovets with Montana and the surrounding villages, and a railroad ensures an easy access to Lom and Vratsa.

Health of the population is taken over by three general practitioners and a dentist. Special assistance can be obtained in the district center, where many medical centers and clinics are located.


Medkovets was founded not later than the first half of the 18th century. At this time it occurs in the Ottoman registers as "Medkofche village" and later appears as Medkovets. The name is directly related to the area where the village is located - in those days there were century-old forests, abounding with hives and honey holes.

Medkovets's Renaissance history is connected with the name of Ivan Knez who at the time was the mayor of the Medkovitsa municipality. Under his leadership, the locals took part in the uprising in 1850 and in the movement for building a Bulgarian church in the village. In 1868 the church of "St. Paraskeva" was built. Currently it is a national monument.
Medkovets's residents are extremely grateful to Ivan Kulin and keep his house as a museum.

Landmarks and tourism

On 14th of October is the festival of Medkovets. It is marked by a traditional festival that takes place during the second weekend of October.

Guests of Medkovets can visit:

The church of "Sveta Paraskeva" - founded in 1868. It keeps several valuable free-standing icons from 19th century, two massive stone candelabra with inscriptions from 1885, a silver cross with filegree silver reliquary from 1844 and early printed books from the middle and second half of the 19th century. Woodcarving of the gates is done by artists from the famous Debar School.
The house-museum of Ivan Kulin.
Kozorovets Dam, located near the village. It offers good conditions for fishing.

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