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village of Skalica

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Skalica is a village in Southeastern Bulgaria. It is part of Tundja municipality, Yambol region.

The village is located 25 km north of Topolovgrad, 30 km northwest of Elhovo, 35 km southwest of Yambol, 60 km southeast of Stara Zagora.

Near the village there is a dam and a few miles away is passing Tunja river.

The terrain is flat and the soil is fertile and suitable for growing almost all fruits and vegetables. The altitude is about 240 meters. The climate is continental with average temperatures in the coldest month of January: 1.2 ° C and the average temperature in July: 23.2 ° C.

The population is about 650 people.

The village has electricity, water, coverage of all mobile operators. It has a church, a primary school, a kindergarten, a community center with a female folk group, a library, an emergency department, a doctor and a dentist. Also several shops, pub, bakery and carpentry workshop.

The village recently moved several families from the UK.

Cultural and natural landmarks

The church "St. Velikomachenik Georgi" is founded more than 150 years ago, it is one of the oldest Orthodox churches in the region.

At the very top of the village there is a populated locality named "Popov bair". Typical of it is that it is littered with huge boulders, which are supposed to be of former volcanic activity from the nearby Monastery Heights.

Мonastery heights - it is believed that there is the Roman settlement center "Dodopara", from which to this day is preserved a fortress wall 1.4 km long.

Near the village there is a lake that flows into one of the best-known reservoirs for fishing in Southwestern Bulgaria - "Ovcharitsa". Besides being perfect for fishing, near a dam Ovcharitsa has excellent conditions for hunting ducks.

In the area of ​​Skalica has a variety of small game - pheasants, quail, partridges, etc., which makes it suitable for fans of hunting.


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