Intermediation in a real estate property PURCHASE deal

when you purchase a real estate PROPERTY, mirela ltd. provides the following serviceS:

  • Surveys the real estate market to the current moment and according to the clients' requirements so that they can be fully satisfied;
  • Counsels and assists the client in choosing the right property;
  • Prepares the full set of ownership documentation for the property and examines for any possible burdens (mortgages, injunctions, etc.);
  • The agency renders legal and consulting assistance until the day of the notarial transfer of ownership and the issue of the notarial deed for the newly purchased property;
  • We advertise your application for a real estate  purchase by publishing in leading real estate printed and internet media. Our agents show you properties, which  correspond to your search and which you have approved of in advance.
  • We give you full information about the current real estate market so you can update and correct your search, in order to get the best offers.

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