Intermediation in a real estate property SALE deal


In a real estate sale deal, MIRELA Ltd. provides the following service package to its clients:


  • The agency consults the seller in order to define the real market value of the property according to the current moment and also update it in accordance with the market environment.
  • The agency implements the marketing and advertising strategy of offering the property with a view to the fast finding of clients and, subsequently, for its most profitable realization.
  • MIRELA Ltd. requires full set of documents of the seller needed for the notary transfer of ownership of the property.
  • MIRELA Estate Agency protects the clients` interests, ensuring the needed legal and consulting assistance till the day of the notary transfer of title and obtaining the full cost of the sold property.
  • We advertise the property you sell by publishing in leading real estate printed and internet media. Our agents arrange viewing of your property by the potential buyers, who have been informed in advance of all its qualities.
  • We give you the full information about the present condition of the real estate market so that you can correct your offer in order to make it more competitive.


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