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Conditions under which the users send offers of a real estate properties on websit

Terms of Use

Each user has the chance to send an application for sale or purchase of a property for free on Mirela’s websites, no restrains on the number of offers sent, in terms of Mirela’s conditions shown below. Each Internet user who has send an offer for sale or an application for purchasing of a real estate property on Mirela’s websites agree his/her offers to be published on these websites and given to the third parties - mediators or end clients in order to complete the wanted deal from the user.
In these case Mirela DO NOT GIVE PERSONAL DATA to the users. Only the content of the offer or application. Mirela could send a client’s offer or applications to its franchise partners or territory representatives – in these cases the sender would be informed in advance and if he/she agrees his/her offer would be given to our partners.
Each Internet user who has send /proposed/ and offer for sale or purchase of a real estate property on Mirela’s websites is considered informed that he might be offered to conclude a contract where it is said that he/she owns a commission fee to Mirela Real Estate Agency once a deal is completed. The commission fee and conditions under which it has to be paid are settled in the contract.
If the user refuses to conclude such contact Mirela could take away the offer from the websites. In such case the users can not make any claims on Mirela for doing any harm or to have any other financial pre-tensions.

Offers check-up

ATTENTION: The sent offers do not appear on Mirela’s website directly.

Brokers and administrators check-up each offer and decide if it has to be published or not /this decision is taken according to the corporative work conception for offers and applications of a real estate properties.
Mirela’s employees could contact the user who has sent the offer in order to receive more details or specify some particularities.
The publishing of one offer can take about 72h.
User whose offer is not be published would receive a rejection notification by e-mail.
Mirela is not obligate to give explanation why someone’s offer is not published.
Besides the compulsory check-up the brokers and administrators are not protected from incorrect or designedly users’ actions – in other words the users are answerable for the truth of information.
The brokers and administrators have the right to take away in every moment an already published offer if in the time being they find out that the content is not real or it does not match the company conception.
Mirela is not guilty in relation to some users or third persons for doing any harm as a result of not publishing or taking away the offers of applications from the websites.
Sending your offers you declare that you are aware of the Terms and conditions for the use of the websites.