Where is it possible to buy a property on your credit card? Bulgaria, of course!

Two more reasons for Bulgaria's success in attracting property investors and second-home buyers in the recent yeears

If you sell a property

Useful advises for real estate property sellers

Only in you can see statistic of real estate prices based on really made deals from 2002 till nowadays.

Monthly updated information on current real estate prices in Bulgaria on the basis of realized deals

Registering Property in Bulgaria

This topic examines the steps, time, and cost involved in registering property in Bulgaria.

Property Taxes in Bulgaria

Information on taxes levied in Bulgaria in connection with the ownership of property

Find Your Property

Services provided by MIRELA to foreign clients

Services offered by the Rental Departments of Mirela

You are looking for property to rent - welcome to the websites of Mirela Real Estate Agency - the leader in the corporate internet offering of real estate in Bulgaria

The Property Letting Guide

Letting a property - the peace of mind with secured permanent income or how to find a decent tenant on profitable terms

Property management

On concluding a real estate management contract, MIRELA Real Estate Agency offers: 1.Effective consulting and mediation services for property rental 2. Juridical provision on the transaction

Expenses of the buyer

Purchase price of the property, intermediation fee, local tax and state levied taxes. The way to save on charges. Our brokers will suggest a solution.

Do you need a visa for Bulgaria?

General Visa and Passport Information for Bulgaria (Consular Information)

Acquisition of land by foreign citizens

Conditions of acquiring land in Bulgaria by foreigners and foreign legal entities according to the changes in the legislation made in line with the process of European integration

How to buy property in Bulgaria

Learn all formalities and regulations related to a real estate purchase deal.

Real Estate Acquisition through Foreign Natural Persons

According to the commitments of Bulgaria made in the process of European integration in Art.22 of the Constitution, changes have been made to harmonize Bulgarian legislation with the law of the European Union. According to these changes, foreigners and foreign legal entities can acquire ownership of land in the following cases

Immigrating to Bulgaria

Information on visa requirements and how to get permanent residence permission for Bulgaria

The Property Renting Guide

Steps to finding a rental property. Useful advice for the tenant

Insurance and Social Security Market in Bulgaria

Basic information on the social insurance, pension insurance and health insurance systems in Bulgaria

Construction in Bulgaria - Key Procedures

Useful information on starting a development in Bulgaria. Short explanation of the procedures, including required documents, fees and timeframe, related to obtaining all the necessary permits for building.

Company Registration in Bulgaria - Key Procedures

Basic information on registering a company in Bulgaria. Short descriptions of the key procedures, including competent authority, required documents, fees, timeframe, etc.