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Yard area: 415.00 m2, Bedrooms: 2, Floors: 2, trimmer joists, Heating: electricity heating, Permission for use granted, Planning permission granted, Electricity, Pipings, Sewerage, Year-round use
Planning permission granted, For residential buildings, For house
Electricity, Pipings, For residential buildings, For house
The property is located in the main street of the village, which is asphalted. The plot is flat, with no inclination and around 21 m face. It is suitable for low construction, up to 10 m. Advantages:Flat ...
Yard area: 700.00 m2, Bedrooms: 3, Floors: 2, trimmer joists / 1970, Heating: stove, Permission for use granted
Yard area: 1.00 m2, Floors: 3, brick, Heating: stove
Confidential offering! For more information about this offer, please contact the agent listed above.