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Your search: For sale properties, city of Veliko Tarnovo, Permission for use granted, New development
Floor: ground floor, Floors: 6, brick, Heating: electricity heating, Permission for use granted
Floor: 1, Floors: 4, brick / 2012, Heating: air conditioner, Permission for use granted
Yard area: 1400.00 m2, Bedrooms: 10, Floors: 4, brick, Heating: local heating, Garage, Permission for use granted, Electricity, Pipings, Year-round use
Multifunctional new houseLocation: the village is situated 4 km north from the old capital of Bulgaria - Veliko Tarnovo. It is set on a hill not far from the monastery of Transfiguration. Description: ...
Floor: ground floor, brick / 2016, Heating: Central gas heating, Permission for use granted
Bedrooms: 3, Floor: 3, Floors: 4, brick, Heating: electricity heating, Garage, Permission for use granted
Location: the property is situated in a quiet and green area of Zone B quarter, town of Veliko Tarnovo. Description: the apartment is in a new building construction, layout is functional and all rooms ...