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village of Markovo

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Village of Markovo (District of Plovdiv) is situated in South-West part of Bulgaria and it is part of Municipality of Rhodope mountain. Village's population is 2319 /data from 01/01/2007/, and the area is 21, 879 sq.m.

Geographic location

Village of Markovo is situated in a hilly region. The location is 10 km. on the south from city of Plovdiv (5 km. far from the city's ring-road) in the north foot of hill "Chernatitsa", the so called "Rhodopian collar". Transcontinential climate with allivial, alluvial-meadowy and humus-carbonate ground. Farming land in Markovo comes up to 18 000 decare. The main crops that are grown are in the village's farming land are grapes. In less quantities are grown cherry-trees - much smaller part of them are grown today than that 15 years ago between Markovo and the two neighbouring villages Parvenets and Belashtitsa.  

special features

Markovo's proximity to city of Plovdiv and the nature sights in the village's land determine higher prices of the real estates in that area, rather than other villages in the region. There is a wonderful view from the village to the "capital of Thrakia". A great part of the population don't live constantly there. Many rich people from Plovdiv  use this village as a place where they can have enough sleep, away from the dirty air and pressure of the town. During the last several years dozens of smart houses, arousing surprise in the visitors, were built. Maybe this is the reason the village received the nickname "Plovdiv's Beverly hills".

Cultural and nature sights    

In a close proximity to Markovo begins "Rhodopy" park. In the stream's gorge, a kilometre away from the village is situated the land, famous with the name "Manchevoto", which is a nice place for relax. The place is a lawn with tables, benches, fire places, penthouse, faucet. The lawn is surrounded by big oaks, which shadow gives feeling of coolness during hot summers. On the hill above that lawn there is a chapel - "St. George".

There is a primary school "St. St. Kiril and Methodius", whish building was constructed  in 1921. The first school in that village dates back to 1870. The community centre "Aleko Konstantinov" was founded in 1904.

religion and sport

 The population is Eastern Orthodox. The church is called "The Holy Ghost" and was founded in 1865. There are several chapels in the village called: "St. George", "St. Atanas", "St. Todor", "St. Nedelq" and "St.Nikola".  At the centre of the villageis the new built chapel "All Bulgarian Saints".
Football:  There is a football club with name "Socol-Markovo", created in 1927. Several years the team is in "C-south-east group", and after that, two seasons it is in "B-group", together with same famous teams from bigger cities. The stadium is with capacity for 3 000 people.
Rali championship:  Above the Markovo village starts one of the stages of "Rali Hebros" with coefficient 5 from the European rali championship.


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