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Town of Velingrad

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Mineral water springs in Rhodopes mountain

About Velingrad

Velingrad is with a population of 26 573 people. It is situated on 800 m above sea level, in Western Rhodopes and is the biggest mineral water springs resort.
It was established as a town in 1948 when the villages Kemenitsa, Lujdene and Chepino merged into one.


You reach to town by an asphalt road and a train which passes through the picturesque gorge of Chepinska river. There are regular bus lines to the city of Sofia (120 km), the city of Plovdiv (86 km), the town of Pazardjik (48 km), the town of Peshtera, the town of rakitovo, the city of Blagoevgrad, the town of Batak (26 km), the town of Septemvri (31 km), the town of Razlog (69 km) and others.
Bus station, Ladjene quarter - tel: 0359 23073
Private bus station, Ladjene quarter - tel: )359 23285
Two railway stations - central in Chepino and south in Ladjene.
Railway station in Ladjene quarter - tel: 0359 22141


There are more than 200 000 visitors who come for the numerous mineral water springs, comfortable and modern baths, the soft climate and the wonderful nature of the town.
The sunny days are 74% from all days of the year. There is seldon fog in the town. The average temperature in January is 1.8oC, and the average temperature in July is 18.7oC. The winter is not very cold and offers great conditions for skiing.
The most precious natural treasure of the town of velingrad is the mineral water springs. The temperature of the springs varies from 280oC up to 860oC. There are six famous thermo-mineral beds - Chepino, Ladjene 1, Ladjene 2, Kamenitsa, Draginovo and Varvarski baths. There are around 80 springs who combine the healing effect of the mineral springs of Hisaria, Banya and Narechen. The resort is famous for healing pulmonary illness, joint illness, neurological and gynaecological problems, etc.


The town of Velingrad is proud for its natural phenomenon - Kleptuza, the biggest Karst spring in Bulgaria. Each second on the surface 570 liters of icily water burst and form two lakes which pour into Chepinska river.
Sveti Spas area, close to the mineral water springs in Chepino, has been visited for centuries thanks to its healing effect .
Cultural sites as the Historical museum, the Picture gallery, library clubs and cinemas offer entertainement and relaxation for the visitors in the town of Velingrad.

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