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Balgarevo village

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Balgarevo is a village in north-eastern Bulgaria, part of Kavarna municipality, Dobrich region. It is located 6 km away from Kavarna and 6 km away from the national reserve cape Kaliakra, some 70 km away from the city of Varna and 58 km away from Dobrich.

general information

The population numbers to 1500 people as the number increases in the summer - many tourists are coming to the village to enjoy the serenity, the peacefulness and the beauty of Balgarevo's rocky shores. The climate is temperate-continental, influenced by the proximity of the Black Sea - the winter is mild with seldom snowfalls and the summer is cool. The relief is flat.
In the past the village was named Syuyutlyuk /meaning a place overgrown with willow-trees/ because of the willow-trees surrounding the big fountain in the center of the village. Later on it was renamed to Gyaur Syuytchuk /the Christian's village/.


In Balgarevo there is a secondary school, a kindergarten, a community center with a library, family hotels and guest houses, a group for authentic folklore in the community center, a doctor's and a dentist's offices, many shops, restaurants and cafes. The village is also famous as the "village with the two churches", one is Bulgarian and the other one - Greek. The local people have planted flowers near the side-walks by their houses which makes the village a unique look. All modern conveniences are available, as well: digital TV, internet, coverage of all mobile operators. There is regular public transportation to Kavarna, Dobrich and the nearby villages.


This ecologically clean area is famous for the production of melons, water-melons and pumpkins. The production of fruits and vegetables is well-developed, as well. The local climate provides excellent conditions for growing sun-flower and rape-seed. The inhabitants of the village are engaged in agriculture and tourism. Many of them are working in the nearby municipal center - Kavarna.

Cultural and natural landmarks

  • Cape Kaliakra reserve famous for its rich variety of animal, bird and plant species. In order to preserve this outstanding natural monument the village has become a part of a Bulgarian - Swiss natural environment preservation program, as a rich information center has been established in the village.
  • Rusalka resort was established in 1968 in the famous Bird's Cove. The picturesque caves and small, cosy beaches with crystal clear water in which dolphin families are playing create a unique atmosphere for a quality relaxation. The great number of archaeological findings, the oldest of which dated back to 8000 years ago make the coast-line of Rusalka resort a one of its kind archaeological reserve. The antique and medieval fortresses, the rocky tombs, the caves, the sacrificial stones attract scientists and specialists from all around the world.
  • Bolata area is a small cove with a marina. It is a firth and a narrow gorge, that cuts into the coastline near a former military zone. It is surrounded by high rocks in which there are many caves to be found. A short river is running through Bolata feeding the great number of natural springs in the area. A mouth of a lagoon is formed at the spot it flows into the sea. This is where the only sandy beach in the area of Kaliakra cape is to be found. Bolata is the only reserve in Bulgaria whose area includes part of the sea. Various kinds of birds may be observed there: a common kingfisher, a Еurasian bittern, a Great Egret, a Little Grebe, an Aythya etc. One of the main corridors birds are using to migrate south, known as Via Pontica is passing through Bolata, as well. Remains of an antique settlement, remains dated back to 400 years BC were found in the nearby caves and a Maltese cross - a proof for the trade relations between the Second Bulgarian State  and Venice and Genoa. A steep trail to the north leads to the top of the rock from where a magnificent view towards the entire gorge is revealed all the way to Cape Kaliakra. Going even further to the north following the high precipice one could reach the famous Taukliman /"the Bird's Cove"/ area and Ruslaka resort.

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