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Bozhurets village

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Bozhurets is a village in North-eastern Bulgaria, part of Kavarna municipality, Dobrich region. It is located 12 km to the north from the town of Balchik, 22 km to the  north from Albena resort, 32 km away from Golden Sands resort, 5 km away from the town of Kavarna and 250 m away from the sea-coast.

general information

The population of Bozhurets today is about 100 people, most of them pensioners. Younger people have started to come back to the village since the great number of complexes built in the area provide occupation for them.
Bozhurets lies on a plateau. The flat terrain of the area ends up with almost sheer cliffs, revealing an incredible view towards the sea. The view is amazing, indeed. To the north one could see Chirakman Cape and small beaches hidden behind the terrace-shaped cliffs.
The former name of the village used to be Mihal Bei - probably named after a a rich Christian favoured by the Turkish rulers during the Ottoman Domination period. The village was later on named Bozhurets after a particular species of peony ("bozhur" in Bulgarian) that grows on the plateau.



Bozhurets is a holiday settlement. In the village there are a hotel, villas and guest houses, food shops, many modern holiday complexes, bars, restaurants and cafes. The chapel was build with a donation from a local resident. The land on which it was built was granted from Kavarna municipality. In the village one could also see properties surrounded by traditional style stone walls and buildings made of hewn stone. The properties in the village traditionally have large yards (several decars). Not far from the village lies the mega-project of the world-famous golfer Gary Player. It includes an 18-holes golf-course, as well.
The great number of contractors to invest in the Bozhurets have also influenced favourably the village's infrastructure. Sewerage and a second power sub-station have been built. The water pump station has been modernized and this guarantees a regular water-supply in the settlement.

natural resources and prospects

The greatest asset of the area is its nature. The rocky terrace over the sea is a natural habitat of many rare and endangered animal and plant species. The white rocks covered with fossils from the warm and already vanished Sarmatian Sea are overgrown with steppe foliage some of which are unique for Bulgaria and even worldwide. The fauna is very rich, too represented by turtles, rare insects and numerous species of birds.
The stony soil is not suitable for the development of agriculture which is a traditional occupation in the region. Still the area and the outstanding view revealed from the plateau attract many investors and foreign tourists.
Undeniably Bozhurets is one of the fastest developing settlements in the region. The area offers numerous perspectives and excellent conditions for the development of tourism. Hopefully, the turbulent development of the infrastructure in the area will not deprive this heavenly place of its wild enchantment.


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