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Balchik is a town and seaside resort, situated terrace-like on a small bay on the Black Sea, 40 km North of Varna, 37 km south-east of Dobrich and 500 km East from Sofia. Third in significance Bulgarian port after Varna and Bourgas, used for medium-size passenger and trade vessels. The population is 13 500.



In the very plateau where the Balchik city is located today, once there was a Thracian village. In 5th century BC Greek settlers occupied this area. They were encharmed by the beautiful ceach and founded a settlement. The fat land was planted with vineyards and local people produced wonderful wine. The Greeks worshiped god Dionisius and their coin bears his icon. In the honour of that God the town was called Dionisopolis. The city became an important centre with wealthy attraction. After a round of invasions and destructions by the Romans, the city gradually declined. During the medieval period, the city became autonomous by its conqueror Boyar Balchik, and the city assumed its name Balchik. After 1912, when Bulgaria lost the Balkan war, the city was incorporated into Romania. A Romanian Queen named Maria visited the city frequently and built a holiday villa with a botanical garden. This area attracted Romanian aristocrats, due to its mineral water and Karst.
After 1940, the city of Balchik was reincorporated into Bulgarian territory. Today the city attracts tourists with its unique ancient houses and streets, which preserve the ancient nature. Every street leads to the sea coast and all year round the city is visited by many tourists. Among the city attractions are: ethnographical museums, Old Turkish Mosque and the church
St. Nicholay.



University Botanic Garden (Queen Maria's Villa and Garden)
Collections of plant species from all over the worlds are grown on an area of about 16 acres. One of the biggest attractions is the collection of large sized cacti species grown in an open area. It is the thee second one of its kinds in Europe after the one in Monaco.
 In the garden you can see some exotic plants such as: candy tree, paper tree, ancient Ginkgo biloba, the resurrected Metasequoia glyptostroboides, sand lily, olives and many others. You will enter a world of bright colors, blooms, trees and bushes.
More than 3000 plant species are grown in the garden. They belong to 35 families and 800 genera demonstrating an incredible diversity of varieties and forms.

City historical museum
City historical museum - Balchik situated on the central square of the town preserves many valuable memorials of the material culture, monuments of the Thracian-Roman age , numerous exhibits - fragments from ceramics, tools and adornments, showing the life during the Second Bulgarian State, numerous precious relics representing the faith against the occupation of Chokoi Rumania.

Ethnographic museum
Ethnographic museum - Balchik, representing with its exhibition /finery and rooms from urban and village type, museum exhibition on the subject "Crafts in the region of Balchik"/, life style of the city since ancient times. As a plan and architecture type it represents restoration of the house of Atanas Shterev - dealer of wheat.

Revival complex
Revival complex - Balchik, includes the Mutual school and the church St. Nikolay. At the Mutual school central place occupies the exhibition The revival in Balchik. At the church St. Nikolay whose patron protects sailors and fishers is established an exhibition of icons. Wonderful acoustic gives opportunity for music synchronization of the exhibition and concerts of chamber choruses.
At 4 km east of the city is situated the area called Tuzlata, renown for its medicinal mud, recommended for bone associated diseases. There is a big balneological center with camping, bungalow and hotels.
In the city of Balchik, there are minerals spring with temperature of about 31C used for internal cure.


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