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Topola village

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Topola is a village in North-Eastern Bulgaria, and is part of Kavarna municipality, Dobrich region. It is located 54 km to the north from the city of Varna, 6 km to the south from the town of Kavarna, 10 km to the north from the town of Balchik and less than a kilometre away from the sea-coast.

general information

The population numbers to approximately 170 people. The climate is maritime ad is characterized by a cool summer, warm autumn, mild winter with scanty of snowfalls and a sunny spring. The relief is flat. The village itself is situated on a slope of the heights rising above the sea from which an incredible panoramic view is revealed. An asphalt road leads to several camping sites and hotel complexes located right next to the beach.


Artefacts and remains of buildings revealed in Topola have provided proof that the settlement has been inhabited during the Late Roman and Early Byzantine Age. A 40 sq. m large basilica dated back to the Early Byzantine has been discovered during archaeological excavation works. The only well-preserved parts from it were the pulpit and the altar. Another valuable finding discovered during the excavations in a Proto-Bulgarian settlement is a unique silver Byzantine coin.


Topola is a quiet settlement which has undergone a turbulent development during the past few years - many investors have purchased land in the village and built many holiday complexes with entertainment and SPA centers. The villa zone of Topola is of great interest, too. The infrastructure is very well developed - regular electricity and water-supply, roads in a very good condition, all modern conveniences. A brand new power sub-station has been built to meet the demands of the rapidly increasing number of inhabitants of the village.
The locals and the guests of the village may take full advantage on all modern services: coverage of all mobile operators, internet access, satellite TV.  In the village there are also guest houses, hotels, a police station, a mosque, many food shops.
Near the village lies the largest golf-course on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast - BlackSeaRama. Two other golf-courses are located several kilometers away from Topola, too.

natural resources and development

The village is rich in mineral waters and fuller's earth, which is an excellent prerequisite for the development of balneological tourism. The area is ecologically clean, far away from any industrial enterprises. Traditionally, farming used to be the main occupation of the locals. The fertile soil and the favourable climate provide excellent conditions for it. During the past years, though, Topola has turned into a preferred tourist destination with excellent perspectives for the development of golf, eco, cognitive and cultural tourism.


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