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Quarter Lagera

See it on the map Bulgarian properties in city of Sofia - Lagera

LOCATION: The Lagera housing estate is in the southwest part of Sofia. To the northwest, along the Vladaiska River is the industrial zone with the electric-truck factory, the Krasna Polyana depot and the Thermoelectric Power Station Zemlyane. To the South are Tzar Boris III Blvd. and Hipodruma Quarter and to the West - Zhitnitsa Str. and Slavia Quarter to the northeast and east is the old factory Sredets and Acad. Ivan Geshov Blvd. 

DESCRIPTION: The interior of the quarter is very green and quiet. The housing development of the complex started in the 60s. The complex shows a great diversity of buildings. Lagera Quarter is characteristic for the old, low-storey construction (basically from the 60s), high-rise (EPK) construction from the 80s and new housing development concentrated around the new Acad. Ivan Geshov Blvd., Maglen Str., Smolianska Str. and in the western part of the quarter, around Hrizantema Str., Savet na Evropa Str., and Balchik St. Almost all buildings here have central heating. In the central zone of the complex are situated most of the old brick blocks of flats, the flats in them having very nice distribution of the living space. Their quality makes them one of the most preferred estates in the region. The quarter is very green. It has a very nice park between the Lagera tram station and the Hipodruma tram station. There is a big kindergarden at 38 Baba Iliytsa Str. and the Primary School No 25 Dr. Petar Beron is аt 18 Balkandzhi Yovo Str.  At Tsar Boris III Blvd. is the Central Office of the Construction Troops and the Tax Directorate at the Krasno Selo Municipality.  There is a medical centre in the building of the Central Office of the Construction Troops.

TRANSPORT: The transport connections of the quarter are very good. The lines from and to Lagera Quarter are: trams - 5 and 19 and busses  - 60 and 260.

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