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Oborishte quarter

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Oborishte region is part of Sofia Downtown and occupies the area between Slivnitsa Blvd, D. Nikolaev Blvd, Sitnyakovo Blvd, Han Omurtag Str, Shipka Str, Paris Str, Moskovska Str, Knyaz Alexander Batenberg Sq, Largoto and Maria Luiza Blvd. Oborishte region is situated on square surface of 3070 daa - 1433 daa of non-residential areas and 1637 daa of residential areas. The population is over 36 000 people.


The region characterizes with aristocratic buildings constructed before the Second World War and monolithic buildings from the 70s of the last century. New, luxurious office and residential buildings were constructed in the last years.

Culture and administration

The administrative buildings in this region are: the Ministry of Councils, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, The Energetic Committee, the Parliament building (the former House of Parties), the Capital Municipality, the Archives State Agency, the Central Cooperative Union, many embassies, etc.
The culture sites which can be visited in Oborishte are: the National Opera and Ballet, the Cinema House, the National Music Theatre 'Stefan Makedonski', The Culture House 'Sredets', the Drama Theatre 'Sofia', The National Library 'St. St. Cyril and Methodius', the Small City Theatre behind the Canal, the Gallery for Foreign Arts, the National Puppet Theatre - hall 2, the Military Historical Museum, the Theatre workshop 'Sfumato', 211 Monuments of Culture, including the Sofia mineral bath, the Youth Theatre 'Nikolay Binev', 40 monument plates, 15 monuments, including Vasil Levski Monument, Doctor's Monument, the Monument of the Unknown Soldier, the Monument of St St Cyril and Methodius, the Monument and grave of Ivan Vazov, the Monument of Alexander Stamboliyski, etc.


One of the most prestigious schools and universities are located in Oborishte:

Municipal schools

Comprehensive School No. 112 'Stoyan Zaimov', 60 Dondukov Blvd
First English High School, 60 Dondukov Blvd
Comprehensive School No. 129 'Antim I', 1 Sultan Tepe Str
Spanish Language High School No. 164, 'Migel de Servantes', 1 'Sultan Tepe' Str
First Secondary School 'Pencho Slaveykov', 11 Stara planina Str
Sofia Math High School, 61 Iskar Str
Fourth Shift-Night High School, 30 Dunav Str

State schools

Sofia Tourism Professional High School, 182 Slivnitsa Blvd
Technical School in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, 13 Stara Planina Str
Music School 'Lyubomir Pipkov', 17 Oborishte Str

Private schools

Private English High School 'William Shakespeare', 13 Stara planina Str


National Art Academy, 1 Shipka Str
Music Academy 'Pancho Vladigerov', 94 Evlogi Georgiev Blvd
Military Academy 'Georgi Sava Rakovski', 83 Evlogi Georgiev Blvd

Community centres

Community centre 'Tsanko Tserkovski', 58 Tsar Simeon Str
Community centre 'Dr Petar Beron', 17 Yanko Sakazov Blvd
Community centre 'Aleko Konstantinov', 73 Oborishte Str
Community centre 'Prof. Andrey Stoyanov', 62 Iskar Str


Kindergarten No. 100 with branches on 2 Veliko Tarnovo Str, 4 Veliko Tarnovo Str and 11 Marin Drinov Str
Kindergarten No. 104 with branches on 15 Chumerna Str, 5 Tsar Simeon Str
Kindergarten No. 150 on 31 Veslets Str
Kindergarten No. 151 with branches on 1 Murphy Str, 94 Oborishte Str
Kindergarten No. 60 with branches on 7 Madarski konnik Str, 34 Vasil Drumev Str
Kindergarten No. 62 with branches on 7 Vrabcha Str, 5 Dunav Str

Health care

Oborishte comprises the following medicine centres:
University Hospital 'Tsaritsa Yoanna' - ISUL
Mental Health Centre
Emergency Hospital
Institute of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases
Diagnostic Consultancy Centre No. 17
Diagnostic Consultancy Centre No. 3
Private Polyclinic 'Vita'
Diabetic Centre 'St Luka'
Stomatological centre No. 30
Private stomatological chain 'Nedyalkov'
Private Polyclinic 'Biomet'
and other private medical cabinets

Internet source: The official site of Capital Municipality - Oborishte region
Pictures: MIRELA

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