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town of Suhindol

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The town of Suhindol is situated in Suhindol municipality - North-Central Bulgaria, Veliko Turnovo District. It is close to the towns of Pavlikeni and Byala Cherkva. The Municipality consists of 6 settlements: Byala reka, Gorsko Kalugerovo, Gorsko Kosovo, Koevtsi, Krasno gradishte and Suhindol.

The geographic situation of Suhindol municipality determines largely its future economic, social and cultural growth. The township features potentials for quick access to earth and air transportation, which brings to development of successfull stable regional and international partnerships. The closeness of the municipality to Romania gives opportunity for making cooperations at a level local powers, business, a non-governmental sector.


 Other information

The town of Suhindol is a big wine-producing center. Natural resources provide auspiciously and favourable impact for the exploitation of the viticulture and wine-growing in the region.

Lovico Suhindol is a successor of the oldest  wine-cooperative in Bulgaria, established in 1909. Today the production of Lovico Suhindol wine cellar surpasses 6 million liter qualitative wines and alcohols for a year, as 80 percent of the production is intended for Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, England, Poland, USA, Canada.

Suhindol Wine cellar is situated in the North viticulturist-region of Bulgaria and has specialized in the output of the wine sorts Gumza (sort of black grapes), Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot cabernet. As well as the grape produces wines and alcohols from Sauvignon Blanc, Shardoney, muskat and some other sorts.

On 14th of February the festival of Trifon Zarezan, associated with viticulture and wine-producing, is marked traditionally each and every one year, because Suhindol is famous as a wine region. It is celebrated by an attractive ritual. The day is declared for holiday of the municipality, and this is the only place in Bulgaria, where 14 feb. is honored in this manner.

Places of interest

  • Boaza waterfall - 3 km. away from the town, on the way to village of Koevtsi.
  • Rome way - remains - 3 km. Southwest from the town.
  • "Suhindol peak" - an extinct volvano, to the North of the town.
  • "Ivankovets" - a rock with a characteristic profile, giving the main appearance of the town-panorama.
  • "Alexander Stamboliiski" dam - one of the biggest artificial reservoirs in Bulgaria.
  • Remains of a medieval monastery - 1 km. to the East of the town.
  • The church "St. St. Apostles Peter and Pavel" built in 1901
  • The clock tower built in 1895.
  • A wine cellar.


Natural environment and climatic conditions of the municipality are conditions for the development of various types of tourism. Largely the potential of the district permits development of a country-, еcо- and wine-tourism.

"Alexander Stamboliiski" dam is one of the largest artificial reservoirs in Bulgaria. It is located at the opposite side of the Municipality of Sevlievo. The dam is eighteen meters long, starting somewhere under the town of Sevlievo, near the wall by the village of Gorsko Kosovo. This is the oldest large dam in Bulgaria, which whose building was completed more than fifty years ago. The dam offers the fans of yachting, windsurfing and swimming the opportunity to practise their hobbies and those who would love to get some nice suntan can sunbathe and swim in the warm water of the "Sevlievo sea". The houses in the village are with an interesting architecture and could be repaired and turned into small family hotels.

The other water reservoirs on the territory of Suhindol municipality (Rositsa river and some small artificial lakes) are occasionally visited by tourists - for amateur or sports fishing, or just for having a rest in the country.

The region has a favourable touristic geographic situation. Through its infrastructure, it is connected to another important touristic destination - town of Veliko Tarnovo, as well as with the main road Sofia-Varna.



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