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town of Dolni chiflik

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The town of Dolni Chiflik is a municipal center, located in the south-western part of Varna region.


Dolni Chiflik is located 40 km away from the city of Varna, 80 km away from the town of Burgas, 60 km away from the town of Nessebar and Sveti Vlas and 400 km away from the city of Sofia.
The town lies some 3 km away from the bank of Kamchiya river, in a valley where the beautiful LONGOZA  and the mountains spread.
The climate is temperate-continental, influenced by the proximity of the Black Sea. The winter is relatively mild, the summer is sunny and warm. There are excellent conditions for balneological and thalasso-therapy procedures and rehabilitation.


The settlement was established during the 15th century by a a Turkish noble Jamal Bey. Initially, it used to be a small village named Bostancheto (meaning "melon field"), which was burnt down in the 18th century and its inhabitants spread throughout the country. It got inhabited again in the 19th century when it became a municipal center.


In the town there is a mayoralty, a secondary school, a vocational high school of agriculture, a kindergarten, several doctor's and dental offices, shops, cafes and restaurants, two community centers.
The roads are in a very good condition, covered with asphalt. Regular bus transportation is available to the city of Varna and the nearby villages.
The inhabitants of the town may take advantage of all modern communications - internet, cable TV, coverage of all mobile operators.


Several sports clubs are functioning on the territory of the municipality - 6 in Dolni Chiflik and 1 in the village of Grozdyovo. In the town there is also a sports playground and a stadium.


Dolni Chiflik municipality is set far away from large sources of industrial pollution and benefits from its ecological environment: clear air, non-polluted soil and waters, cosiness and tranquillity. There are excellent conditions for the development of balneological, rural, cultural, hunting and eco tourism.
The sandy beach by the rivers Kamchiya and Fandakliiska is the longest on the Black Sea coast and on the sea-coast in the area there are four resorts: Kamchiya - Longoza, Skorpilovtzi - North, south and the village of Shkorpilovtzi. The total of beds in all four resorts is 3 500. On the territory of the municipality there are 20 protected areas, three of which a reserves - Kamchiya, Kirov Dol and Valtchi Prehod. There are many opportunities for both freshwater and sea fishing, hiking and hunting (Gorska Baraka hunting complex, Sherba hunting reserve and a pheasant-breeding station). Yet there are excellent conditions for camping, as well.


  • Kamchiya Biospheric Reserve is a under the protection of UNESCO and is part of the world chain of biospheric reserves. On its territory there are century-old longoz forests and the climate is favourable for a great variety of tree-species and vegetation. Some of them are the the Field Elm, the Ash-Tree, the Pedunculate Oak, the Field Maple etc. Lianas, wild vines, ivy and traveller's joy are wrapping the trees making it look like a genuine jungle. Many rare plants are to be seen in the reserve: Summer Snowflake, Field Hyacinth and Medicinal Hollyhock etc. Over 20 species of fish are to be found in Kamchiya river, the mammals are represented by Red Deer, Wild Cat, Wild Boar, Beech Marten, European Pine Marten. Near the reserve there are many taverns, shops and private homes which offer both meal and accommodation for the tourists.
  • Near the town of Dolni Chiflik there are two other reserves Kirov Dol Reserve and Valchi Prehod Reserve. They are overgrown with deciduous forests of Beech, Oak, Hornbeam and are a natural habitat for many bird and animal species.
  • On the territory between the villages of Novo Oryahovo and Shkorpilovtzi, some 10 km away from Dolni Chiflik is located the Kamchiyski Pyasatzi (Kamchiya Sands) area where unique dunes are formed, covered with a rare kind of vegetation. The area offers wonderful conditions for the development of both ornithological and botanical tourism.

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