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Vladislavovo quarter

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Vladislavovo is the youngest quarter of Varna. Situated in the western part of the city, at altitude of 80 meters.
It is one of the largest neighborhoods in eastern Bulgaria, with a population of over 46 000 people - nearly one tenth of the inhabitants of the city.
It is near Varna Airport. Associated with the center with troleybus lines 82 and 88 and many bus lines (14, 20, 22, 41, 118, 118a, 148 and 209).
From the neighborhood to the north start several tourist hiking routes one of which leads to the old medieval fortress,  that once defended the city.
One of the most modern vegetable markets in the city of Varna is precisely here, a chain of shops Metro, Technomarket, Burlex and Piccadilly  also.  Nowadays Vladislavovo becomes one of the most convenient places to live in Varna.



In late summer of 1878, after the Berlin contract, the Lozengrad and the Odrin districts  are  surrended to Turkey, a group of Thracian refugees from the village Koeva go to Dobroudja and settled in the village near Varna  - Pashakyoy. They were attracted by the rich land, beautiful countryside, fountains, greenery and proximity to the city. Settlement of refugees from Aegean Thrace in the village took a few steps.
After World War I here  come and settlers from Dobrudja. In later years the proximity to the city and attracts people from northern areas of the field to the village.
In 1934 it was renamed to Vladislavovo in honor of the Polish king Vladislav  The brave Yagelo III, who in 1444 here battle with troops of the Ottoman Empire and was killed in the name of the Christian cause.
Vladislavovo village has been officially declared district of Varna in 1974 in 1975 and in  were 1976 constructed the first panel blocks.
According to urban strategy,  Varna then had to develop  to the west, because the concentration of industry was mainly Devnya. Until the beginning of 80 years of the twentieth century have completed most blocks with numbers from 1 to 36. By mid-80's main buildings were built, whose numbers begin with 300 and 400.
Kaysieva garden (blocks, starting with 200) is built on part of the site abandoned appricot old garden, where comes the name of the micro. All units are built there from 1984 to 1988



The territory of the region "Vladislav Varnenchik currently have 1 general secondary schools, 3 primary schools and  6 kindergartens.


Health Care

On the territory of the neighborhood is "Diagnostic Center  III - Varna Ltd.. The medical comprises facilities for specialized outpatient assistance, which specialized doctors working in different medical specialties.


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