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The village of Kosharitsa

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The village of Kosharitsa is located in the mountain, at a distance of 10 km from Sunny Beach. Until recently it was unknown to most of the people, but now it is becoming a favourable tourist destination and a place for a holiday rest and tourism.
It is nestling in the easternmost slopes of Stara Planina Mountain, only 3-4 km away from the sea shore and at an altitude of 120m. It is characterized by wonderful green slopes, great panoramic view and a prevailing feeling of peacefulness and quiet.
From the village you get a magnificent view towards Sunny Beach, Nessebar and St. Vlas resorts.
The infrastructure is excellent - with asphalt roads, centaral sewerage system, telephone connection, cable TV and the Internet.
The international airport in Burgas is reachable only within 20 minutes by car.


This region has been inhabited for centuries. A lot of archeological finds dating back to Tracian times are found there. The life of the ancient people very much depended on nature, and taking into consideration the excellent health and climate conditions, they chose this place to live in. The old name of Kosharitsa is Kashly-dere and is mentioned for the first time during the Russian-Turkish War of Liberation.

Investments and tourism

Unlike the majority of Bulgarian villages, Kosharitsa develops rapidly. There is a new church in the centre of the village, and the school is welcoming the students.
Apart from the well-formed villa area, there are several resort and villa settlements in the direction of Sunny Beach Resort.

your holiday in kosharitsa

It is suitable not only for the lovers of the beach and the crazy nightlife, due to its close proximity to Sunny Beach Resort, but also for those who wish to relax in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere among the hills of east Stara Planina Mountain.
The relief is extremely suitable for mountain biking and the numerous eko-paths offer incredible conditions for hiking. For the fans of fishing there are lots of small water basins. The hunters can benefit from the forests, inhabited by wild animals.
The construction of a golf field is planned.


In immediate proximity to the village is Kalinata nature reserve. It is famous for the unique plant species, that are found there.
Only in Kosharitsa you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the village, feeling as if time has stopped, and making you forget the noise of the city and the tiredness. The beaches of Sunny Beach and Nessebar nearby will make your stay unforgetable.


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