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Nessebar is a town located in southeastern Bulgaria in Burgas District.

It is 34 km northeast of Burgas. Adjacent to the north is the biggest Bulgarian Black Sea resort Sunny Beach and Pomorie is near in south.


Nature has been extremely generous to Nessebar. The coastline is 50 kilometers long. The combination of mountain and sea is unique. Among the protected areas are Irakli and Kalinata. This unique encounter sand dunes and rare plants.
Climate is temperate continental, influenced by the Black Sea, and although minor, the Mediterranean air flows. The temperature regime is characterized by moderate summer (mid  - July 23,1 °C) and winter (mid  temperatures - January -2 °C) . The constant breeze is cool on hot summer days. The proximity of the sea predetermined high relative humidity. The sunshine is 2100-2200 hours per year.


Nessebar is a modern resort built with excellent technical and social infrastructure. Completely water and electricity supply, to build sewers. The communication infrastructure is excellent - have cable TV, almost wholly modernized telephone central, Internet access.
Transport - very well developed. Numerous private companies offer a connection to almost any part of the country, as well as lines abroad. Bourgas Airport is only 30 km from Nessebar. The nearest railway station is Bourgas - 35 km distance.
Port Nessebar has regional significance. It is used exclusively for passenger traffic and leisure travel. There are two berths and sea border crossings and station with DIC.
Education - there are 3 kindergartens, 3 schools, community children's complex, community center.
Healthcare - hospital care is provided by municipal health house. It is housed in a new building equipped by European standards and staffed by excellent specialists. The hospital has sector for emergency medical care.


Centers of cultural development and spiritual enrichment of the population in the municipality Municipal Theater / Film Theatre, archaeological and ethnographic museums, 9 community centers with libraries, school united for culture and folklore, religious institutions and other cultural institutions.
Archaeological Museum preserves and exhibits artifacts from the numerous excavations in the old town and its environs. Diploma of UNESCO listing of Old Nessebar in UNESCO World Heritage (1983) greets visitors at the entrance. Exposures are located in four rooms and the lobby of the museum.
Ethnographic Museum is located in the two-storey house Moskoiani - one of the most interesting monuments and Renaissance typical representative of Nesebar residential architecture from the late period of the Bulgarian Revival. Here is an ethnographic exhibition of costumes and textiles from the Bourgas region - one of the richest and most valuable collections.
Community centers are "capillaries" of the network of cultural institutions. In the municipality there are 8, but working are only those developed in Nessebar, Obzor, Ravda and Sveti Vlas. Most active community center is in the town of Nessebar which in 2005 celebrated its 100 anniversary. In the library function 10 amateur groups, Center for Children, the Municipal Theatre (with a high annual program) and the Municipal School of Art (which trained 350 children). Outstanding folk groups are "Sunny Beach", "Makedonka and Greek Choral Society. Ensemble "Sunny Beach" and rich international program.


Nessebar is divided into two parts - new and old town.
Administrative life is engrossed in the new part of Nessebar. This part of town features a new modern architecture. Hotels, guesthouses and private rooms are built in a new style and meet the latest trends in tourism. North and south of the city are wide beaches and natural sand dunes, which form an interesting natural phenomenon. There are conditions for boat or yacht, fishing and other water sports.
In the southeastern part of the new Nessebar is South Park. The park covers an area over 27 acres. During the creation of the park are found four old tombs from the 4th and 3rd century BC, now exhibited for visitors. All plants are labeled with their Bulgarian and Latin names.
The old town with rich history is built on a small rocky peninsula, connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. Here are preserved valuable monuments from all eras: the remains of a fortress from Roman times and Middle Ages, the old Byzantine and Bulgarian churches and houses from the 18th and 19th century. The largest historical value of Nessebar are numerous churches.
Old Town is only 850 meters long and 350 meters wide. For the time that existed, the city has lost about one third of its territory, which is washed away from the sea.
Nessebar is a genuine historical treasure in Bulgaria and in 1956 was declared a museum town - archaeological and architectural reserve.
Today the old town is an attractive place for romantic walks along the narrow cobbled streets, past the small shops offering handmade souvenirs - pottery, knitwear and jewelry. The wonderful historic atmosphere of the city is a prerequisite for an unforgettable vacation.

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