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Silvia Tsvetanova

Sales Director, Veliko Tarnovo office (FRANCHISE)

Phone: +359883940028
Address: 6 Vasil Levski Str., Veliko Tarnovo - 5000, Bulgaria
Professional qualities:
  • Manager with years of experience in real estate
  • Passed the full range of training in the profession Real estate agent
  • Specialized in sales of houses and plots
  • Mortgage loan consultant
  • Has a command of Russian

Silvia Tsvetanova is the Sales manager at MIRELA’s department in the town of Veliko Tarnovo.

She provides and organizes sale-purchase and rental deals for all type of residential, commercial and industrial properties.

She recognizes each client as a new stimulus and casus, which provokes her to improve and upgrade herself. In her opinion, the client’s expectations are the main guidance for the good agent, manager and company.

She is proud to be an exclusive partner of MIRELA, which principals and policy prove her idea for high-quality service, satisfying all necessities of the clients.

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