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Apartments for sale/ Sea apartments for sale, Burgas Region, Primorsko,
prices from € 31 274

Construction type: brick

Stage of construction: permission to use

Completion date: 2012

Heating: air conditioner

Joinery: PVC

residential building mmc welcomes you!excellent complex just a few minutes from the beach. First class finished holiday apartments at a reasonable price.


It is a monolithic building with an attractive vision and made of red bricks. There are four residential floors and a basement. Three sections with apartments with square surface from 30 to 150 sq.m. The building benefits a hydraulic elevator.
The wonderful sunny Southern beach and the amazing sea view and the surrounding dense forest are just 100 meters from Residential Building MMC.
The complex is already built and now the finishing works are taking place.

All apartments are for sale fully finished. There is an option for 100% furnishing at a price of EUR 50/sq.m.

Annual management fee – EUR 7/ sq.m.

individual payment scheme All properties are for sale with no commission from the buyer!

Agency charges EUR 400 for attendance at the transaction. /VAT not included/


  • Security;
  • Greenery;
  • SOT;
  • Shops and restaurants;
  • Fitness centre;
  • Beauty parlour;
  • Pharmacy


The town of Pimorsko is situated south of the city of Burgas, on a small peninsula on the Black Sea coast, in the foot of Strandzha mountain. The location of the town is a wonderful combination of a forest and sea which make Primorsko very attractive as a summer holiday destination. Famous reserves in the region are Ropotamo and Arkutino reserves, Happy rocks and the Lion head. 5 km from the town is situated a Tracian holy place - Beglik tash observatory.

  • Primorsko - Sofia - 430 km.;
  • Primorsko - Plovdiv - 318 km.;
  • Primorsko - Varna - 179 km.;
  • Primorsko - Burgas - 62 km.

The sandy beach in the area of Primorsko is the most beautiful in Bulgaria and one of the best in Europe. The air temperatures never fall under 0 degrees centigrade. The climate on the Black sea is Mediterranean which is the reason for the long summer and the steady temperature and the small quantity of rainfall.
From May to October the warm weather offer excellent summer baths, sport and an unforgettable sea holiday. There are numerous cultural places to visit around.
The wonderful atmosphere conditions, the hot summer and the cool winter will make your holiday apartment your home for the whole year, where you can escape from the vanity of the workdays and celebrate the coziness of the sea sanctuary.
The elegant MMC summer resort attracts mostly young families with children and old couples. MMC offers not only an opportunity for a calm holiday but at the same time for an amazing entertaiment.

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Detailed information about the offered properties:

Entrance: Б
Floor: 1
Apartment 201, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance Б, 69.24 m2, (Built-up area 57.31 m2), € 38 082 (€ 550/sq.m) Details
Apartment 204, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance Б, 64.38 m2, (Built-up area 58.00 m2), € 35 409 (€ 550/sq.m) Details
Apartment 205, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance Б, 84.68 m2, (Built-up area 75.00 m2), € 41 917 (€ 495/sq.m) Details
Apartment 202, 2 BRS Apartment, Entrance Б, 168.92 m2, (Built-up area 139.82 m2), € 92 906 (€ 550/sq.m) Details
Apartment 203, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance Б, 74.38 m2, (Built-up area 61.57 m2), € 40 909 (€ 550/sq.m) Details
Apartment 206, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance Б, 63.18 m2, (Built-up area 51.75 m2), € 31 274 (€ 495/sq.m) Details
Floor: 2
Apartment 301, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance Б, 69.24 m2, (Built-up area 57.31 m2), € 38 082 (€ 550/sq.m) Details
Apartment 302, 2 BRS Apartment, Entrance Б, 168.92 m2, (Built-up area 139.82 m2), € 92 906 (€ 550/sq.m) Details
Apartment 303, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance Б, 74.38 m2, (Built-up area 61.57 m2), € 40 909 (€ 550/sq.m) Details
Apartment 305, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance Б, 84.68 m2, (Built-up area 69.60 m2), € 41 917 (€ 495/sq.m) Details
Apartment 304, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance Б, 64.38 m2, (Built-up area 53.75 m2), € 35 409 (€ 550/sq.m) Details
Floor: 3
Apartment 306, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance Б, 63.18 m2, (Built-up area 51.75 m2), € 31 274 (€ 495/sq.m) Details
Apartment 401, 2 BRS Apartment, Entrance Б, 123.50 m2, (Built-up area 102.92 m2), € 67 925 (€ 550/sq.m) Details
Apartment 402, 2 BRS Apartment, Entrance Б, 147.51 m2, (Built-up area 125.39 m2), € 81 130 (€ 550/sq.m) Details
Apartment 403, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance Б, 98.04 m2, (Built-up area 83.34 m2), € 53 922 (€ 550/sq.m) Details
Apartment 404, 1 BR Apartment, Entrance Б, 98.57 m2, (Built-up area 82.14 m2), € 48 792 (€ 495/sq.m) Details
The list of submitted offers does not exhaust the full potential to buy a property in this building. There may be a property that has not yet been announced. Please contact the agent for contacts.

Please use the contact form to get in touch with the agent in case you are interested in additional information, pictures, floor plans and arranging a property viewing.

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1. A large part of the newly built apartments are being offered without commission for buyers. This is usually indicated in the presentation of the project itself. You should still ask your agent whether you own commission on specific properties.

2. The declared price of the property does not include the commission of MIRELA (whenever such is due) and the state costs of the transaction (local tax, notarial fees and the fee to the Registry Agency, which (tax and fees) are totaling about 3,5 - 4,0% of the total value of the property.
For advice on how to calculate transaction costs, you can contact a lawyer at Mirela Ltd.
on 02 9812345 from 09.00 to 18.00 on weekdays.

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