We are already thinking about Danube Bridge 3


Bulgarians and Romanians consider seriously the idea of building a "Danube Bridge 3". "We are currently discussing options where would the funding come from. And there are already getting into the specifics and to solve such a facility would look like, exactly where will be the beginning and the end, as they say, will it be a combined bridge or it will be only itinerary", said Nikolina Nikolova, national person for contact on the Danube Strategy, announced bTV. Currently, there are the first concrete steps in this direction.
"There is a company that was interested in building the bridge Silistra-Kalarash, the principle of public-fair partnership. And presently has launched a procedure for commencement of tender documentation for selection of the contractor to carry out feasibility studies, "added the Mayor of Silistra Dr. Yulian Naydenov.
Local people support the idea. According to Ivan Petrov this is one destination that will make a deep connection with north-east. While building the bridge will be created and discovered many jobs, including for young people. Terms are not available yet but the analysis in the coming months to show where it will be best to set the bridge on the Bulgarian coast.

Source: http://bg-daily-news.eu