The most numerous tourists here in Bulgaria are the Romanians?


Most tourists in Bulgaria come from Romania. This pointed out the Institute for Analysis and Assessment of Tourism. It contradicts some opinions according to which a large number of Russians are resting in Bulgaria.

Romanians who come with us on vacation or a trip are 1.1 million annually. In this account entry and transit. Remaining outside of the calculation are the Romanians sent on a business trip, students and military exercises.

According to the Ministry of Economy, the number of visitors from our northern neighbor is slightly smaller - 932,208.

Anyway, this is the largest number of visitors on the one side.

For a year they spend in the country about 210 million euro. Romania, however, is still not the country of which Bulgaria benefits the most of tourism. However, it is good that our northern neighbors visit us at any time - not just by the sea, but on Easter, spring break, etc.