Finance Minister Djankov: Danube Bridge 2 will be ready in August


“Danube Bridge 2, linking the Bulgarian town of Vidin and the Romanian town of Kalafat, will be ready in August,” Deputy PM and Finance Minister Simeon Djankov said on BNT. The Bulgarian part of the facility is ready and two fragments of the bridge on the Romanian side remain to be completed. Rails and other additional elements are being built now. The building contractors assured Minister Djankov that the entire structure of the bridge will be ready by August 1. As a result of the forthcoming opening of the new facility, there is already investment interest towards the region of Vidin and the region of Kalafat, posted Focus agency.

Minister Djankov crossed the Danube between Vidin and Kalafat in both directions on a ferry. He spoke with representatives of the Border Police and with citizens from Vidin. Everybody expects the region to revive on both the Bulgarian and the Romanian side. “I measured the time needed for crossing the river on a ferry in good weather conditions. It turned out that it takes around 45 minutes, but people from Vidin and drivers said that sometimes they have to wait for three or even five hours. This will take only a minute and a half along Danube Bridge 2 and will be much more convenient for trade and investments, both in Bulgaria and Romania. I was told that the interest in the region is so great that big investors and experts in logistics - from Germany and Austria – as well as experts in other key sectors have already expressed interest,” said Djankov.

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